Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Real Secret Journey To Happiness

In South Africa there was this Aunty Sekinchan who's friendly to everyone, she always approached Rambo for chit chat and they kinda clicked immediately because they spoke in Hokkien all the time. She thought I age in my 20's until I revealed my real age to her saying I'm into 40's liao this coming January 2016. She didn't believe me thinking I was joking with her but thank God, Rambo assured her I was telling her the truth. Such a coincidence when we're involved in the Hokkien Drama chat, the Chinese Teacher heard about it too.

She even told her group of 6 friends coming together in this SA trip that there's no way she can believe it. Haha...My schoolmates who are having the same age with me always asked me what did I consume internally or using any skincare that's effective enough to maintain my youthfulness. They always mentioned I looked like Sweet 16 on my Taiwan photos 3 years ago, 36 years old back then and I replied them 20 years ago I maybe 16. more dreamy 'Go Zai' melodies to hold on anymore, blessed to be 40 soon. 

Honestly I told them not much food intake I can take nowadays. Just living truly everyday with big smile and laugh out loud more, eat healthily, exercise everyday, staying happy, positive all the time and living a stress-free life. I didn't take any of the thousands dollars MLM nutritious supplements like Amway or Nu Skin that Rambo pushed me to take but maintaining it with Cellfood Oxygen water. Those Evening Primrose Oil and new collagen drinks I gave out to my mom who's more into all kinds of beauty like aesthetic, collagen intake etc. I still enjoyed my double-boiled soup on a daily or weekly basis, depending on my tastebud mood. 

One thing for sure I believe is to have sufficient sleep of 8 hours a day. To me sleep is 'Dai Guo Tin', much more important than anything else in the world. Those fine dining I had during my business class flight by British Airways means no big deal to me but I let Rambo upgraded it this time because he sweet talk me liao. Haha...he reasoned to me I can still shop for whatever things I wanted and at the same time, he still wanted to upgrade it this time so I can have a better rest flying to SA with good mood and good food.

This time I flew by Air Mauritius I really had jet lag disorder because it's day time flying, not night time flying where I can sleep through the night. Still after going for Business Class with Priority Boarding with no queue, entry to their SLOW Lounge for rest+relaxation at Cape Town airport and fine dining with extra courteous services, I find it to be really no big deal for me. Rambo then said, "Ok, let's go for 1st Class then next time" but I replied him, "No, consult me 1st for the price as money is to be earn to spend wisely, not lavishly." 

Many of my tour members even interviewed me about the experience going for Business Class one by one but I told them the same thing, really no big deal, nothing to shout about or show off at all. They wished to follow us esp.the tour guide Frankie but he can't just abandoned them at the economy seats in the event if the tour members needed him, it's quite troublesome as they separated both section real restrictively and privately for total privacy.

The reason why I can be so 'Sun Tan', lenient and flexible to Rambo this time for the upgrading business class is because I knew he work hard like a bull all this time and all these years just to fulfil my luxury lifestyles. But after embracing to Buddhism teachings real sincerely in the recent years, naturally I have changed my leopard spot somewhere, somehow. I'm happy living a simple life, I didn't desire much achievements or many materials anymore in my life. I still buy, shopping and enjoying life as it is because Rambo has been advising me to let the economy cycle to roll and grow only then the money will come rolling back to us eventually.

In fact it's true and it's really happening to us because every time I spend those money, there's always many other money resources came running back to me. After calculating those money that I've spent, contra back I found out that life is happier if we don't calculate too much. Life is simply happy when we're not greedy also. Just when I thought my order has gone dry, less income but then the order came back rolling smoothly as ever. And I advised Rambo to do more good deeds to be able to achieve this kinda good fortune for us.

Sometimes when he talked without realising it he sounded egoistic in a joking manner, I would remind him to stay humble and forbids him to act in this manner. God will give you a harder life to go through if you're arrogant. Haha...We both laughed out loud and he said he's only joking with me in which I know him very well. But still, I need to remind him over and over again to mind our words, our thoughts and our actions positively every minute of the day because your good fortune is also determined by the strength of your strong mental health. 

Our strong mental health is primarily affecting our overall health and success. Before I flew over to South Africa & Mauritius for my Autumn holiday, I told my body that I need to fulfil my monthly duty of my monthly menstrual period to function normally without failed. It's important to renew, regenerate new blood for me every month and flush out those toxins or imbalance hormone so that I can have a balance female hormone to live my life happily and smoothly ever. 

Fantastically my period really came right on time before that for 5 days straight and I was clean+clear to go for my exhilarating holiday conveniently. Haha...I was feeling totally on top of the world as I need not go toilet so often like the rest with the long queue. I get to save so much of my time for sightseeing and staying punctual following the tour schedule. The Johannesburg tour guide Jenny was not happy at most of Malaysians' time management because every time she said must get back by what time at the coach, only 2 or 4 of us were waiting and she really 'goyang kepala' to see that.

Haha...I only laugh out loud because I know the real Malaysian style of travelling, there's no way they can be punctual right dot on time esp.when we go for shopping, sure late one. Like Mickey the Cape Town tour guide said to me, giving us 3 hours also not enough. A whole day maybe but still not enough. In fact, it's true. We went shopping almost everyday all along our South Africa tour but still, we still make noise wanted to go shopping on the very last day till we drop. That's our Malaysian culture, we love to shop, shop and shop. More to blog about my South Africa tour, stay tuned! 

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