Friday, November 6, 2015

My DIY Safari World Manicure - Leopard

This shimmering, glittering Gold and Orange are the combo colours I chose for November month in conjunction of the Autumn Season. No need to put any Diamonds also the colours managed to shine like twinkle twinkle little stars on my nails. However I find it to be quite plain for a demanding funky lady like me.I prefer to add on cute things, lovely floral theme and must-put shimmer bling blings. 

The Vietnamese girls were asking me at the same time who did the beautiful manicure I had last  October, I told them I did it all by myself after removing the Floral Gel Nail Art by YTP Salon. Really? They got so surprised and asked what me about the special shaping JC-Style on my nails that I have explained to many manicurists I did it all by myself. "Wah, how you did it?"

Haha…I really had no idea like I told them. I sucks in painting and art+crafts kinda thing but for manicure art, I just had the skills doing it naturally for years liao. Maybe because I loved experimenting it and I have spend so much money on it also.  But after visiting YTP Nail Salon for my manicure and pedicure with total pampering of scrub, mask and gel nail art, I totally fell in love with their services that I prefer to pay and let them do it for me now.

Now I know the reason why my mom fancy doing manicure and pedicure pampering spending hundreds of dollars at the salon for hours there, it's a form of happiness too. Both she and my sis Defney did asked me to come along sometimes but I was fully booked most of the time so I told them to go ahead without me. We used to travel up to Colmar Tropicale Berjaya Hills for spa and manicure together, those were the days I called spending good times together where we chat and laugh out loud a lot like yesterday.

Yea, even Rambo mentioned it that he missed those times we used to spend weekends together only with him pleasurably. I may have ‘Fat Lok Zo Hui’, abandoned him a little due to my busy schedules. Like he said I’m much more busy than him esp. Saturday & Sunday, he needs to go through my schedule timetable of the day from am to pm where I'm gonna head to 1st. He’s my good hubby of a discipline driver who's punctual dot on time unless got stucked with Japanese buyers, my loyal bodyguard and great bestie forever because he succeed to make me laugh out loud all the time. 

My mom recently bought those stickers, tried doing it DIY at home with Ying Shan’s help. I told my mom to get the Navy Ship, Hello Kitty and Leopard for me and I tried planting on my nails last night with my dear YS's help too. They all loved it as I wanted it to be full Safari World theme this time for my South Africa trip. I hope it won’t clash with my top to toe animal instinct causing ‘Fashion Faux Pas’ go wrong esp. I’m gonna bump into so many wild animals like Cheetah, Leopard, Tiger and Lion at the same time. Haha…Au revoir for now, I’m flying off to Mauritius & South Africa for my Autumn Holiday. Xoxo, Jacinta!  

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