Thursday, November 5, 2015

MARYSHARON Miracle SPA Blackhead Melt Cream Review

MARYSHARON Miracle SPA Blackhead Melt Cream RM108

This advanced blackheads remover not only managed to shrinks my open pores effectively due to aging factor, it also managed to dissolves blackheads that leaves my skin soft and smooth radiantly.

My skin didn't feels dry at all after applying it on my face for 15 minutes while I'm enjoying my hot bath at The Haven Ipoh during one of my blissful weekend holiday in Malaysia. 

I can see the obvious result in just one time of using it. I was so surprised to see the indescriable glowing radiance on my face with smooth, flawless skin ever. But I told MarySharon PR honestly I don't really fancy the fishy scent of this mask only when she asked me about it. 

Haha...But for the sake of beauty with crystal clear skin of mine, I closed up my nose and took a deep breath once in awhile for oxygen intake. After washing my face, it's totally worth it to see visible good result of using this MARYSHARON Miracle SPA Blackhead Melt Cream.

My Review:
Make sure you face is clean, apply it on for 15-20 minutes and massage it gently all over your face. Wash it off after 15 minutes. You can apply more on your T-zone if you have super duper dirty or oily skin on that particular area. For some, they may apply on T=Zone area only but I prefer to use it all over my skin although I may feel a bit of tingling sensation on my skin but it's still bearable for me.

For me, I wash it off and that's it. You can read more from the instructions printed on the product box because there are a few ways to use it based on your preferences or convenience. For a lazy, busy lady like me, I only wash it off and my skin is completely clear+clean and perfectly smooth already. 

I need not apply any BB Cream or Finishing Powder to keep my skin looked beautiful anymore. I only apply toner, serum and moisturiser to lock-in the total moisture for my dehydrated skin. I took a few pictures here and went out for my delicious dinner at The Haven, looking au natural as soon as I can. 

That's what I liked about it so that my skin can breathe better with the natural wonders of overflowing oxygen clean air here at Haven Ipoh, enclaved within this pristine forest. For more infos and updates of MarySharon MY, check them out at

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