Thursday, December 3, 2015

EVO Haircare Launch 2015

EVO has landed to Malaysian shore and making its early debut last month in October, glad I came to celebrate
it together with them. 

I have tried their styling products Day Of Grace Leave-In Conditioner, I got totally hooked with it since then.

I kinda like the EVO philosophy of Truth+Beauty+Justice that aligned together as their beauty personality.

Evo brand is exclusively distributed by EIG Group and hailed all the way from Australia. 
Evo is not tested on animals, free of paraben and sulphate and using 100% recyclable packaging.
I was glad to make it that afternoon as I enjoyed watching hair fashion show,
like to learn more about haircare tips from the experts and meeting friends here.

The EVO Haircare range from Calm to Style, fine hair to coloured hair and for straight to curly hair. 

The coffee and desserts combo are marvelous enough to tantalise my taste bud and energy level up
to 100% that afternoon while enjoying the fashion show and hair care tips by the Australian heroes. 

The Evo Fabuloso Pro Hair Colour range is creamy rich with appealing and alluring colours that
tempted me so much into colouring my hair again. Haha...And I love their stylish fashion sense too. 

Fantastic hair colours by EVO Fabuloso Pro hair range, I totally fall in love with the green cool colour. I
wouldn't mind trying it on my hair if there's any special occasion for that. It's sensationally sexy for me!

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