Saturday, December 12, 2015

South Africa Boulders Island - African Penguin Home

Let's follow me to the private island of Boulders, a primitive homeland for the African Penguins. One of my
favourite tourist attraction here in South Africa and remained as one of my most memorable place at heart.

Still a long way to go in there, hang on tough and lucky I wear comfortable shoes.
Thank God all along the route to the island, the views are so captivating I must stop and capture every
beautiful places here for lovely memories of my life.  

I was glad I can walk, jump and hop easily, or else I may have missed all these wonderful pictures of my life. 
Once I reached to this Boulders Island of African Penguins homeland, I was feeling totally on top of the world.
They're so cute and pretty, just like the many cutie pies I saw last year in Melbourne, Australia with my family. 
Haha...So cool to see them chilling freely among their members. They're so free to swim, sun-bathing
cheerfully with their penguin gang members. 

I wish I can feed them food but it's not allowed here, afraid they got poisoned
by outside food. I was so excited being able to get real upclose with them. 
And I wish I could bring them back to my home too because they're so pretty cute for me.

They get to stay at this clean, green and serene island that meant to keep them safe and protected in South Africa. 
Seeing this fantastic island with crystal clear water, I wish I can go swimming with them here. I even
fantasizing about going swimming with these penguins and taking pictures with them...Haha!

I left with a heavy heart actually as I didn't wana leave them behind, but the reality needs to kickstart at the
end of the day. I was looking forward to spend good times, real intimately close with them and so glad I did.
Not very often I would visit a country like South Africa, but I was glad I really make it happen this time esp.
when the good deals or bargain is just around the corner with the right timing that comes aligning with it. 

On my way back, I quickly walked and shop for something I liked on my way. This Rooibos Body Scrub
I must blog about it and shout it to the whole world how whimsical superb it can be, stay tuned!
Rambo beh tahan me because in such a short time we need to get back to our coach promptly, I still can slot in
some time to stop, shop and take pictures here and there. Haha...That's life and he needs to catch up with me.

Yea, my clear mind may reminds me to stay punctual all the time but I was on a holiday man. How often will
I come across such beautiful island? I need to unwind in breezy environment here like a sprightly, lively lady.  
I got so excited about it I took off my shoes and began to play with the cold water like a kid. I really
regret not wearing my Bikini that day as I really wana go swimming with the Penguins here so badly.  

I caught up with the 2 penguins that had just jumped into the water swimming so joyfully together. Really too bad
I didn't get to swim with them here. The water was so cold like ice water but I enjoyed spending great time with them.

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