Sunday, December 20, 2015

MISSHA, The Korean Beauty House Brand Back In Malaysia

MISSHA is one of the latest South Korean skincare and cosmetic manufacturer, retailer and a franchise business that has just landed to Malaysian shore recently, back for good that's for sure. I was glad I made it last Saturday morning for their launch opening as I get to shop at MISSHA and do my X'mas shopping at Sunway Pyramid at the same time.  

Recently I was too busy with my own business ventures, I may forgo many event invitations be it high end fashion brands, beauty or exclusive jewelry events, yet I still extended it for others who wanted to enjoy the event as I prefer to prioritise what comes 1st above leisure and pleasure of life. Basic strong financial stability comes 1st before we can enjoy shopping, travelling and spreading joys of happiness by doing charities or contribute back to society.

But for shopping and beauty event like this, die die also must make an effort to attend it at least for 2 hours beauty pampering trying out their skincare and makeup especially during weekend Saturday & Sunday are my shopping time of the week. I really liked MISSHA beauty packaging that packaged into a lovely compact, elegant bottle which also petite enough to keep inside my light-carry handbag.

Haha...Even the Mascara glitz and glamour packaging, all at once had tempted me so much into buying it already. When Carol asked me would I do my shopping today, I was really torn between not just two lovers but many lovers of beauty treat here. 

Too many lovely beauty things I wanted to try from MISSHA brand ranging from skincare, nail, body care, makeup, mask, scrub and beauty tools etc. so I took my own sweet time to choose what I really wanted at the end of the day. I fell in love with this elegant face powder too.

But in the end, I ended up buying the most important beauty skincare MISA Geum Sul Rejuvenating Essence needed most for my aging, mature skin of 40. Haha...My skin is thirsty and hunger for nutrition of anti-aging and brightening treatment at the same time to keep my skin youthful and beautiful always.

Haha...In fact, I was supposed to order the S Brand skincare set worth RM1200 this December month after Rambo confirmed buying me the fantastic skincare for 'New Year New You 2016' presents but after getting this nice scent beauty essence, I can keep that on hold for now. 

Let's give it a try for a month and hope for the best result that can speaks by itself. I gave this Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule a try also but I prefer the strong Ginseng, Herbal-infused Serum scent so I chose that and it also comes with brightening effects that can help save my precious time to treat my skin effectively for radiant and youthful-looking skin.

MISSHA brand is also brighten up with many colourful and funky nail colours of gel type, nail care and and nail stickers too. I love the bold, shining, shimmering colours and I wish to try on it too but let's try it in my next shopping trip. It's my paradise actually when it comes to nail art. 

Even the lip gloss which I had tried it on earlier during my makeover at MISSHA Outlet, it's not heavy or sticky at all applied on my dry lip. The sales associate also told me she loved the Pink Shimmer colour that I've added on my lip as I loved bling blings one, be it for eye or lip makeup even if it's for day makeover.

Last but not least, a picture momento with MISSHA Malaysia Founder and his team after a brief chat with him and his mom about MISSHA beauty history. I'm wishing him all the best and MISSHA brand to great success for many years to stay prosperous in our homeland Malaysia.

You can visit MISSHA beauty brand at Sunway Pyramid LG Level, just below the Coffee Bean Cafe or check out their Facebook page at for more updates and infos. Don't forget to grab some X'mas beauty gifts to beautify yourself this coming 2016 for a new year outlook transformation. After all, beauty comes at any age to everywhere we go. Happy shopping and Merry X'mas everyone!  

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