Sunday, December 6, 2015

Winter Winner 2015

This is the latest Valentino L’amour Handbag+Shoes collection that spiral me to love it at the very sight, totally fell in love with it while waiting for the Julien Macdonald impeccable fashion show at Starhill to start. If not mistaken, last year they invited me to attend their Valentino Fashion Show event also but I was busy at that time so I didn't attend it. This time I came across one of the lovely design of all time because JM's event started late and I don't like to waste my time passing by like this waiting for nothing so I walked around Starhill for shopping since it's been a year I didn't shop here except for Debenhams grabbing some stuffs occasionally. 

The moment I laid my eyes on this seductive Valentino Handbag, I didn't pay much attention also when they welcome me into their inviting shop because I totally got hooked with it liao. I even saw the L'amour Shoes collection that comes in pair with this Red shiny handbag, instantly I wanted to pair it together liao. Haha...That's why I dare not go shopping nowadays, I sure have something to buy, dreaming of or admiring about. I quickly asked, "How much is it?" in a very 'Chung Tung' action of mine because I'm so in love with it.

To me, it's a love at 1st sight as the size is just right, it's light which I liked and lovely dao. She checked on the price and replied me it's RM9000+ and I replied, "Hmm, very expensive" because I think it's too costly liao for a medium size handbag that looked exactly like my old Moschino Pink Handbag - RM1200 only. But I always know Valentino brand is at the very high end price, classy and luxury which is worth it if I really loved it. She continued telling me that it's the only bag available in Malaysia when I asked if she have a new one for me. 

And I was like, "Oh, the only one. Ok, let me consider about it then." She also liked the colourful shoes I was wearing that day because such a coincidence it's similar to Valentino design also. Haha...but my high heels shoes are not so pointed like the Valentino Heels where I can still wear it for long walk real comfortably. Now I prefer to stretch on 'Yiu Meng(Prioritize on Health), Emm Yiu Leng(Not Beauty). Leng(Beauty) only comes secondary. The health of my feet comes 1st as my main priority of good health in life. No health, no beauty. 

Beauty only comes when you have a happy, healthy body from within to outer appearance naturally. I left with a heavy heart, trying to stay calm and cool about the sexy handbag for awhile but seriously, I'm considering about buying the handbag that's for sure. I told Rambo about it and he told me it's really up to me if I really wanted it then go get it. Like he always advised me, if I don't buy it I'll keep thinking about it till 'Sem Si Si' or I may spend my money to somewhere else either going for travel overseas and for something else like buying other things also. I also 'Fan Sik' to Rambo my Versace Handbag RM8599 is totally worthy of the value for its prestigious, luxurious brand with superb quality but lucky I got it cheaper with discounts also so let's just wait for the Sale then. If it's mine it's mine, if it's not then it's really no big deal. 

Haha...I only need to chant, pray and meditate more so my mind can get pure a bit more, purify myself from all the materialistic world far, far away from me. Another branded boutique that captured my heart and soul that fateful afternoon was a Chinese Fashion brand that I will only revealed later in my diary. This beautiful lady is a successful entrepreneur who have established business spiralling all around the world including health business from Japan. We talked much about health, beauty and fashion and hoping to jump start our related collaborations together. In fact, that's what I'm doing nowadays and enjoying doing it passionately. 

This is the life I always told myself to embrace fully at my age. The last few years when Joyanne, our Eastern Europe tour guide said she's so envious and jealous of Juliana+Jacinta(we sticked together all the time) Tai Tai's life where we can do whatever we like everyday I replied her, "That's Ju, not me. She has retired liao but I still need to work hard+smart for money every now and then. I still enjoy life but living in a simple life if possible." Rambo always asked for my permission to let him retire early. He wanted to focus, concentrate in paying more attention to his own business and he's willing to be my full-time driver but I won't allow it. I always advised the 2 Tigers in my family "Mou Yan Yim Chien Seng" (Nobody would mind having more money come rolling into your pocket) and they should be blessed about it. 

Yea, at times when I feel lazy or having too busy schedule of daily appointments with business associates, attending events and my own health agendas, I would go for manicure, spa or facial to destress and pamper myself to rest and relax to the max if possible. After enjoying the pampering session, I feel so energised and revitalised to a new battery to 'Ganbatte' again in life. That's how I get myself motivated and uplifted to positive thinking. When my friends called me to attend those 5 star motivation course spending thousands of dollars with them, I advised them to go ahead without me and enjoyed to the max. I know it's worth the money spend on motivation course but I'm too busy for all that. 

Rambo is doing his very best to be the best husband he can be for me. I know he did, because all the time his main concern is making sure my schedules going green at the 1st lane, he only follows from behind as a good follower and succeed to be a good leader as well in leading this strong Fire Dragon to victory together. I always prayed that he's healthy enough to stay happily ever after together with me and forbids him from dying before me. Sis Toto recently said that after she got to know I'm the CEO of my company during Bro Chai's wedding dinner where Rambo go 'Cheong Tung Kai'(announcing it to the whole world), she noticed that the way I speak now is different liao in which I explained nicely to her, "I'm still the old Jacinta. I didn't go advertising myself as CEO at all, passing my namecards to everyone unless they're asking for it. I'm still her sister-inlaw and she should act sot crazy with me like we normally do. I'm still the same old happy go lucky Fire Dragon who's passionate about life, wandering and exploring the many wonders from all around the world. 

When close family and friends asked me what's the nature of my business, I briefly shared my story history with them only but they got so amazed by it they shouted out with glee by saying, "Wow, then you must be cash rich" especially the two Scorpions whom I know. Haha...I laughed out loud and replied them very humbly that life is an adventure only God knows how I really feel deep down inside of me. I tried explaining to them to invest our hard-earned money sensibly+wisely, and don't get greedy in life.Basically, my job is to control the flows of my business to go smoothly ever after, what business to do and most importantly, no overheads but with more money come rolling in only. That's all, a strict CFO also. Lately also, I noticed many people who worked for real money didn't come easily for them at all. They also worked hard like a Bull you know. No one really had it easy like you see 'Biu Min'(surface) in life. More to blog about this subject, stay tuned! 

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