Tuesday, December 22, 2015

INFINITUS Dried Tangerine Peel Pu'er Tea Mix Blogger Session

Infinitus philosophy in promoting healthy life is through life nurturing and vitality assurance on consistent basis where they're keen in developing good health for us by  creating awareness and observance of YangSheng health discipline based on TCM 5000 years history and wisdom. I really liked their concept and philosophy in Chinese health practise that I'm doing my best to learn from Chinese health expertise too, every now and then whenever I have the time to do so.

YangSheng is defined as the pursuit of healthier lifestyle choices, whereas strengthening the foundations is the means to increase vitality. In other words, healthy living precedes physical wellness. It is the balance between health, family and career, the unity between time, wealth and spiritual richness, the harmony between individual, community and the society.

4 Moderations
Diet : Eat until 70% full, more vegetables and less meat.
Rest: Take a nap after lunch for 20 minutes. Sleep before 11pm.
Exercise: Walk 10k steps a day.
Emotion: Positive thinking.

I was glad I attended this healthy tea sharing by Infinitus that Saturday because somewhere, somehow the health session managed to remind  me to take good care of my health and remember to enjoy the many tea collection that I have everyday to stay youthful and beautiful naturally. For more beauty and healthy tips, you can check out http://www.infinitus.my/

Ms. Lim, the nutritionist for Infinitus Company have shared many good tips with us the bloggers that afternoon about the benefits in taking Infinitus Pu'er Tea for long term health benefits. The main constituents of their easily made tea functions that contains Polyphenol - eliminates free radicals, anti-oxidation, anti-aging and anti-radiation, Alkaloid - reinvogorates central nervous system, Amino Acid - regulates metabolism, Vitamin - eliminates cholesterol, Lipopolysaccharide - enhances body immunity without side effects and Minerals - provides more than 40 types of minerals essential for metabolism and physiological well-being are good enough to fulfil what we really needed for daily nutrition and minerals after enjoying our good meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner while trying to maintain our ideal weight successfully and consistently.

The directions to make this beneficial tea is so easy, just tear it open and pour it into a cup or tea pot just like I did and it's really convenient for a lazy, busy lady like me. You can add 200ml of hot water, cold or warm water as you wished by gently stirring it until it's fully dissolved and enjoy the tasty tea joyfully. I'm not a fan of Pu'er Tea but this Yunnan Pu'er Tea that's mixed with Dried Tangerine Peel was blended perfectly to my tastebud liking that's for sure.

When Ms. Lim asked for my opinion about the tastiness of these 2 types of Pu'er Tea, I honestly replied her the 1st pot of Pu'er Tea made really cannot compare with the high premium grade Yunnan Tea that I have enjoyed during my Yunnan Holiday in China a few years back but the 2nd pot of Infinitus Pu'er Tea taste was excellent, really "Yau Shui Zun" that simply means 'Got standard' especially for this fussy Lady Dragon who loves to indulge in high premium grade tea everyday. I really liked it and enjoyed it till finishing it even when it's hot. I liked to enjoy my tea while it's still very hot.   

In fact after enjoying the Infinitus Pu'er Tea, I feel that I'm hydrated enough with sufficient water in my body and activated with great energy level instantly like a new battery that has just been charged like that. Suddenly, I didn't feel sleepy anymore and rushing back to spend good times great taste with my dear Charmers for dinner together. I even shared the Infinitus Pu'er Tea with my family, they liked it and asked for another pot of tea. Haha...That's what called happiness is all about, loving means being able to share good food in town among family and friends all the time be it for festive celebrations, weekly dinner and any special occasion it can be.

This Infinitus Pu'er Tea is made by authentic ingredients of Fermented Pu'er Tea from Yunnan and Guangdong Tangerine Peel that has proven been used for medical properties by traditional Chinese medical practitioners across many ages already. Pu'er Tea is also known to have good astringent quality that can neutralize fat, warm the stomach, reducing stress, stay slim+trim and stay refreshed by taking just a cup of this Pu'er Tea only, ideally after meal. 

I took a whole pot of it after having heavy dinner with my hubby and after 2 weeks enjoying the tea, I find that this Pu'er Tea managed to keep my stomach real happy and fulfilled as I seldom craved for daily supper calls like I used to be. Haha...my perut buncit is kembali kempis naturally, I don't have to go for any strict exercise like before just to flatten my big tummy that looked like the Puffer Fish. Unbelievable until I have proven it to Rambo and now he's taking it religiously to achieve the same result too. Try it, you may like it too! 

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