Friday, December 25, 2015

South Africa - Cape Town Cape Peninsula

After an hour drive to Cape Peninsula which located within the Cape Town vicinity, we're boarding a
cruise ship to watch the many hundreds of seals living gleefully around their natural environment.   
All along the views to Seal Island were captivating enough to kill my boredom of cruising doing nothing
for 45 minutes. Thank God for that, I just cannot sit still kinda girl as I need to do something while cruising.

All along the cruise journey we came across strong waves that splashed to the boat and didn't go aligned
with our straight way there, we were all looking at each other and got scared about it because no joke man. 
It was too strong liao with our small cruise ship like this, anytime can get capsized and we're not wearing any
safety jacket at all. But it's all worth it to see so many lively seals swimming and sun-bathing here happily.

Hundreds of them here, so nice being able to watch them real closely and having intimate pictures with them
here. The last time I went to New Zealand South Island, my cruise ship didn't stop for us to take any pictures.
The feelings that I felt deep down inside of me when I was here was so indescriable. It was fun watching them
living so freely and joyfully here. I wished I could just jump into this Atlantic Ocean and swim along with them.
After we had total enjoyment watching the seals for long, we stopped over here for shopping local souvenirs,
toilet break and some coffee. Nothing here that excites me to buy back home because I don't encourage killing
for animal skeletons, fur etc. The prices here also not cheap so no big deal for me but it's an eye-opener for me.

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