Monday, December 14, 2015

Past, Present and Future Life

Last Saturday during dinner at Kepong opposite Tzu Chi Buddhist Ass, I cannot stop laughing out loud. It's not very often we can hang out for great dinner gathering nowdays esp. on Saturday because Sis Toto knew every Saturday is the time I specially allocate for my dear Charmers. And this time, she invited along a couple friend added into our non-stop laughters Cantonese drama; 
JC: Sis Toto, your friend's son called me Aunty.
Toto: No, call her Jie Jie because she didn't plan to have any kids at all.
JC: LOL, you can call me Jacinta Yiyi.
Toto: You can call my brother Rambo Uncle or KohKoh, but JC call her Jie Jie.
JC: Haha...You really made me laugh. That's why you're my best ally.

All my close family+friends knew I don't need their kids to call me Jiu Mu or Aunty calling as I said, "Giu Dou Ngo Lou Sai" but they insisted their kids to greet us politely with respects. That's what called good basic manners that somewhere, somehow managed to break the ice, portrayed a great etiquette for all walks of life and setting high standard personality of the person.

And when Angie 1st introduced her daughter to me also she asked her daughter to call me Jie Jie instead of Aunty, I laughed out loud but I accepted the calling. My good friend Cass also taught her girl to call me Jacinta Yiyi. Arnie also taught her boy to call me Jie Jie which is the right calling for me.Now I know why many of my friends in their 50's and 60's also asked me to call them names instead of Aunty or Uncle calling.  

They maybe aging at their respective ages but no one liked to be called Aunty or Uncle, including Rambo. He told me that recently so many kids calling him Uncle, he also didnt' want to layan them. He made me laughed out loud till Perut Kecut. That's life, always stay young at heart although the body system may not react the same age anymore.

Nowadays I'm getting busier and busier with so many unlimited invitations to events, friends' parties and travelling invites with my friends/tour members that I cannot fulfil all of them most of the time. I have my own preference to travel to certain countries like South Africa - watching real wild animals roaming freely in their own jungle and those countries that they invited me to explore with them I have visited liao. But for China and Japan, I really don't mind to travel there with them again.  

I wish I could travel every month or two to all around the world to see the world, but Rambo had very limited working leaves in a year. He wanted to retire early also but I won't allowed him to do so. Haha...Again I stretched to him over and over again, if you can gain+save more money while you're still healthy and young, must treasure those chances 100%. In fact, he owned company shares after so many years of planting great efforts for his company. The Japanese knew how to treasure him with real recognition and good perks only for the loyal ones staying long in the company although being labelled as the kiamsiap Japanese. 

Rambo has been known in his Lim Family as the Kiamsiap one where his Sis Toto liked to tease him saying he's saving all his money for his beloved wife to spend only but treating himself so 'Hon Shuen'(stingy). During Bro Cheong's Birthday gathering that we had, we gathered around talking about retirement and investment ideas in which Rambo told them "Bo Lui"(No money) but Sis Toto said that he's 'Ngo Guai Kam Zhen Zhue', a Chinese idiom that she said wrongly liao because Bro Cheong who's English educated has been saying this wrongly all these years. 

I laughed out loud till I cannot stop laughing and Sis Hoon asked me what's the right sentence for this idiom. I can't answer her at all because my laughing fever keeps on going like forever esp. seeing Sis Toto using her hands to beat Bro Cheong who taught her the wrong Cantonese idiom. Lucky Da Jie answered Sis Hoon and all of us got to learn about it that day. It was supposed to be 'Ngo Chou Kam Zhen Zhu' which simply means 'The real shining Pearls was hidden from the overgrown grasses', almost similar to the meaning of 'Don't judge a book by its cover.' It's true actually just like The Secret book cover that I liked the cover so much but the contents of the book didn't excite me at all. 

But the editor of Donald Trump book is a fantastic writer, one of the best story teller who can lured me reading, picturing myself fully into his life story all at once. Really cannot stop reading it once I start catching up with it. We all laughed out loud again but I tried to defend Rambo that deep down inside of him, he's a kind and good person who came from a humble beginnings, must love him for who he is as it's not easy for him to achieve success that easily. It's all about great attitude in life, plus hardwork so it's fair that naturally he's moulded into this kinda character. I always love him for whoever he is, most importantly he didn't change his true heart of love for me like any Casanova out there and remained kind as always. 

He always said that I've been living in luxurious life with my family since we were young, unlike him, he came from a poor family after his father passed away so he didn't want to repeat the same cycle of living poor anymore and I totally understand his feelings about it. Even that day when Sis Toto saw him wearing a pair of nice Slippers, she teased him again "Wah, upgrade liao finally." "Haha...Yea I bought for him so he's fine with it. He's not willing to buy a few hundred dollars thing for himself." "Aiyo, this Ngo Guai Kam Zhen Zhue" she continued again and I corrected her Cantonese again "Ngo Chou Kam Zhen Zhue". Sis Toto quickly corrected her Cantonese instantly. These two bro+sis really made me laugh out loud till rolling on the floor.

At times Sis Toto and Bro Cheong called us for dinner gatherings together in Kepong, although quite far for me but we did our very best to 'Zhui Gau' together because we always have great blast of long laughters that managed to fulfil my stomach happiness besides fulfilling me with good mood after trying out so many good food from there. Last Bro Chai's 44th Birthday Vegan Dinner that cost so high for vegetarian meals, Rambo also complained of the high price they charged for vegetables, vegan meals only but I convinced him to stay cool about it esp. for our beloved brother. Once in awhile, it's really fine.

But we prefer to go 'Dai Zau Lau' kinda restaurants now compared to the vegan ones because with too high prices charged sometimes I wonder how they charged it, derived those prices from. Based on rental or many third parties charges involved, overheads of many staffs etc. still cannot figure it out. Over-charged liao that's for sure. Bro Chai was very happy because I reminded all of them to organize one birthday party for him because after all these years, he always celebrate our birthdays and treating us dinners so we need to stay grateful to him also. I even sang the meaningful Cantonese Birthday song for him that he thanked me by saying, "I'm so honoured Jacinta sang me a Birthday song. Tq, I'm very happy!"

Haha..."You're most welcome Bro Chai, it's always my pleasure!" I replied him. I'm so happy for Bro Chai who finally had a happy family now with a good wife to back him up from behind. I even said, "So Hang Fook Bro Chai now" and the other bro+sisters also teased him in Hokkien after that. Life is actually very simple, to love and to be loved by our close ones. The reason why I treasure Bro Chai so much is because he has always been a good brother for me, praying 'Sen Sem'ly for me and give me good blessings during his weekly prayer at Buddhist Temple with my date of birth plus home address by asking me the details personally.  

He didn't asked Rambo one and they seldom communicate like how Bro Chai and I used to communicate face-to-face so closely before he got married again. And when other bro+sis forbids him to treat his ex-wife nicely, I'm the only one who supporting him to keep on doing good even when his ex-wife treats him badly. When others treat us badly, doesn't mean we need to treat them the same esp. she's still the mother of his son. We only need to stay calm, cool and patient about it, karma will takes its place naturally, eventually. Like his ex-wife case, I told him we don't know what kinda debts they have indebted to each other in the past life and with that they need to pay it fully in this life. Pay it fast willingly, let it past asap and start anew after repaying all the debts incurred.  

Only we understand what it really means in Buddhism and we always stay very supportive of each other. In fact, I always said to Lim family if I didn't have Rambo in my life, Bro Chai is my ideal husband because he's a kind soul, a good hubby and daddy. In Bro Chai's eyes, I always looked beautiful no matter what I wear. Everytime he sees me, he would called me "Princess Jacinta, you look so beautiful today" no matter how many times I've been telling him "Old liao." Haha...I'm very blessed to have him as my good friend who truly understand me, happy for me and succeed with me. To be continue about my family drama, stay tuned! 

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