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FREEPORT A'FAMOSA Premium Outlet Shopping Experience

Freeport A'Famosa Outlet is one of the latest shopping destination located at Jalan Kemus, Simpang Empat, 78000 Alor Gajah, Melaka which is just outside of Malacca's famous A'Famosa Resort. It is easily accessible from North-South Highway via the Alor gajah Interchange, and it only took me about 1 hour 15 minutes to reach here with no jam if you can come around 9am from Kuala Lumpur. For more detailed infos and map direction, you can check out

After an hour briefing and sharing by invited bloggers and buffet lunch at A'Famosa Resort Malacca, a reputable resort for both pleasure+leisure or business with international championship golf course, theme parks and resort hotel in which I had visited with my family last 14 years ago when they 1st launched the Safari Park, the 40 bloggers were gathered here for a 'Style On A Shoestring Contest' with RM350 budget in 2 hours. You can also follow their Facebook page at

Freeport A'Famosa Outlet is housing popular fashion brands like Cotton On, Forever 21, Esprit, Vero Moda and Only fashion brands which are more affordable for many shopping lovers who prefer to shop in Malaysia. For those into sports and athletic ones, Nike and Puma labels are berthing here at Freeport to shop for sporty wears too. And not forgetting the kids store, Poney and Toy World are just around the corner all along this newly-opened shopping paradise. 

There are many activities and services provided here for shoppers to visit Freeport A'Famosa Outlet especially on weekends Saturday and Sunday. The ladies can shop till they drop while the kids can have loads of fun all around playing at the merry go-round, watching clown's performances or taking pictures with X'mas merry theme season during this festive holiday.

Initially, my main focus to spend within the RM350 budget was right on track after shopping for 3 stylish dresses, one lace shirt and one hot pants, but after visiting all the shops and bumped into this luxury shop selling one of my favourite MOSCHINO brand with this fantastic handbag, I've changed my mind to get what I really wanted to add in my fashion collection and willing to buy.

In fact, I have learned my lesson well enough to shop for the things I would use it day and night, useful and meaningful to the extent that I would wear it more often that just wearing it once or twice only in my lifetime. Also shop for superb quality that's for sure. Any good brands will do, not necessary have to be branded from top to toe and most importantly is the colour compatible is matching or not with one and another, be it for clothings or fashion accessories. 

Freeport A'Famosa Outlet is the 1st project by Freeport in South East Asia, among the 12 outlet villages in Europe where they already owned 5 outlets in United Kingdom, Portugal, Sweden, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Lyon, France since 1994. Just like Malacca, the rich culture with Dutch colony historical buildings everywhere, this Freeport A'Famosa is decorated with the famous Dutch Windmill colonial theme that's attractive for many memorable pictures and lovely memories to reminisce in years to come.

My mission is to style myself in 'Stylish Group A' so I bought this Green Turquoise Dress from VERO MODA, one of the most famous fashion brand labels from Denmark since 1975. The moment I laid my eyes on this bright colour dress, I asked for S size and went for a change after paying it. The malay sales supervisor said, "Wow, you look so pretty in this dress. Nice!" and I replied him "Thank you!" humbly, blushingly shy about it. I was so glad it fits me perfectly and real comfortably too. 

Giving me only 2 hours to shop is really not enough because I'm the kinda girl who loves to shop till I drop, taking my own sweet time to choose and style my fashion passion passionately and dining for an hour or two before going for 'Lap Fo'(grabbing stuffs) again. That's why when I visit Melinda Looi shop, my eyes were focused on the dresses only, I didn't see Melinda and John until they called me. Haha...I managed to take a picture momento with Melinda after a brief chat with them before I rushed over to complete the contest task.

I finally chose to capture this signature style of mine wearing the VERO MODA Dress that cost RM49 only for the contest. I plan to shop within the budget given and I managed to do so, but I didn't want to queue up for long at Aivoria because I was afraid I may be late for this photo shoot. And to be frank, I didn't like to stay in competition with anyone esp. asking for likes voting game so I wished all the bloggers 'Good Luck', may the best Fashionista wins it all.

In fact after seeing all the bloggers changed, styling themselves in 'Group A - Stylish' and 'Group B - Casual', everyone of them looked gorgeous and fabulous in their own ways. The dress I was wearing from VERO MODA gave shoppers an extra discounts with Buy 2 Dresses at the same RM49 price tag, we paid RM80 for 2, which means each dress cost RM40 only. I loved these dresses for the superb quality and enticing designs.

I also managed to grab 1 Lace Shirt, 1 Stylish Hot Pant and 1 Blue+Purple Dress from ONLY Boutique that cost RM103.90 altogether. The shirt and dress also comes with necklace accessory to pair with the clothings complimentary. The accessories comes in alluring designs with good quality as well, do check them out when you go for a shopping trip there. It's located at the far end corner just opposite of the Esprit shop. 

After so many rounds of going in and out looking for the perfect handbag at all the handbag outlets like FOLLIE FOLLIE, ELLE and Carlo Rino, I finally found one lovely Handbag design that suits for a fussy lady like me. Haha...I'm a Handbag Lover who's willing to buy any nice handbag at a good price and I found this light fabric-type cost RM239.50 that's useful and beautiful too. I need to fork out an extra of RM73 for this exhilarating shopping experience here and actually I can keep the mission accomplished with RM350 without getting the ONLY brand Shirt and Pant but I'm more than willing to pay it on my own because I really liked their extraordinary designs with comfortable fabric too. 

Although the Melaka routes can be jam-packed, slow-moving like a snail trail and tend to dampen my spirit to visit Melaka most of the time but I really don't mind to visit Freeport A'Famosa Outlet again for shopping escapades in Malaysia that will brighten up my good mood eventually. This time if I do visit again, I need at least a few more hours to shop till I drop real happily. Check it out in your next Melaka trip as I'm sure you get to grab something you like too. Happy shopping to all my fellow Malaysians who love shopping just like I always did here in Malaysia! 

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