Monday, October 3, 2016

Ecowell Organic Facial Care Series - Face Mask

Ecowell Face Mask has definitely falls under one of my favourite Gel Mask in my beauty diary nowadays. The reason why I loved this organic Face Mask so much is the soothing divine scent of the Chamomile and richly-infused Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera ingredients that managed to hydrate my skin to total moisture I needed desperately for my dry skin nowadays. 

It also managed to firm up my skin naturally with gentle tightening sensation after I start to pamper my skin with 2 pumps of it all over on my face and neck. Fantastic feeling of all time!

Just leave it on for 15 minutes while I rest and relax reading a magazine to upgrade my knowledge and wisdom for the day, sipping a hot cup of Chamomile Tea to further help relaxing my body, mind and soul to perfection and enjoying the soothing scent of the face mask. Aaah...So relaxing and pampering feeling all at once and I actually enjoyed pampering myself with this soothing Ecowell Face Mask almost everyday now.

After washing my skin with warm water during my bath, my skin feels so smooth to touch and I can see that my skin is hydrated too. I enjoyed using this Face Mask so much with its easy pump and light bottle that I decided to bring it along for my Japan - Kyushu Island holiday as I usually the bring the best beauty products that are only necessary for travel.

In my opinion, to spend the RM218.84 for Organic skincare that's effective even for occasional sensitive skin like mine is totally worth it. Not only it's convenient for my daily use at home but I can bring it along for travel use as it's light and compact in a travel-friendly pouch bag to keep my skin healthy clean and pretty moisturised. It's also safe made with organic ingredients that are beneficial for us and will not harm our fragile skin in the long run. 

To have a trial on their effective organic anti-aging skincare that's safe to use and suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin and targeting for anti-aging purpose like this superb firming mask, you can check out; 

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