Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Dutch Lady 7-Days Milk Breakfast Challenge

Haha...This year in 2016, I visited Holland for my Spring/Summer holiday and I passed by a typical country farm with those black and white beautiful cows, the wonderful scene took my breath away and it blows my mind thinking about Dutch Lady Pure Farm Fresh Milk already. Not only I was craving for Dutch Lady Fresh Milk that instantly where I can get it easily anytime here in Volendam, it also reminded me so much of my dear Charmers aged 9, 13 and 14 whom I always advised to consume 2 servings of milk a day to meet their nutritional intake since they're little girls. Even till today, I always keep track with them of what they're taking for daily breakfast and reminded them to take Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk to school and at home.

I also missed them there and then when I was holidaying in Europe with my body's here but my mind was full about them who need to attend schools in Malaysia. Nowadays, I knew they missed me by the likes in my Instagram that I have uploaded everyday for the latest updates of my life especially when I travel anywhere to all around the world. I still remember my dear Lynette when she was 3-6 years old even in Macau, she always asked for milk and her mom who is my sister Defney said she just drank but I told her "It's ok if she's asking for milk and not soda or any other unhealthy sweetened drinks." 

If it's nutritious and a healthy drink like milk, I'll be happy to make it for her or just pour out a cup of Dutch Lady Fresh Milk for her. That's why till today she's 9 years old, she's very health-conscious like me as I always told her what to take, what not to take and she really listened and learned well kinda obedient and brilliant girl. Whatever good food that I'm indulging, she wanted to share it with me and whenever she indulged in any yummylicious good food, she'll asked if I would like to try and feed me too. Haha...That's how we bonded our loving and caring moments together and I'm feeling real happy in my life surrounded with her who never failed to tickle my laughing mode naturally.

When I visit her at home also, she served me a pack of Dutch Lady Fresh Milk from the fridge and showed me her kitchen cabinet which was full of Dutch Lady Milk stocks. I was like, "Sai Emm Sai? Do you really need to stock so many milk ka?" and I laughed out loud seeing how cute my dear Charmer Lynette was. She always make me laugh out loud happily especially every week, she must have something important to report to me like a big news in trend like that.

I'm not a morning person actually, I somehow wakes up anytime I wish to everyday and I may missed breakfast sometimes. But during this Dutch Lady 7-Days Breakfast Challenge, die die also I did my very best to wake up early for my morning breakfast to fulfil it, sometimes going for morning events also I just grabbed a Banana and a pack of Dutch Lady Pure Farm Fresh Milk will do. I always believe it's sufficient enough to fulfil the nutrition intake for breakfast as long I enjoyed the cold chilled Dutch Lady Fresh Milk from the fridge for breakfast is good enough. 

But I surely enjoy taking Dutch Lady Fresh Milk in my 1st cup of coffee to add more milk goodness for my daily cup of coffee. In the afternoon, I may pour out fresh milk with some ice to cool my body down or sometimes I prefer to enjoy a hot cup of fresh milk before I sleeps. As long I take a convenient pack of Dutch Lady Fresh Milk which I prefer the Full Cream Milk or the Chocolate flavour as I have very fussy and strong tastebud kinda girl, I think I had consumed sufficient 200mg of calcium to keep my bones and teeth strong at bay already. 

Whether it's for kids or adults like me, I think it's important to take 2 servings of milk be it with Dutch Lady Yoghurt+Fresh Milk everyday or mixed it with cereal cornflakes like me because the next day when I wakes up, I can visit the toilet so easily. I often heard many of my friends they have difficulties going to toilet everyday especially during travel overseas. They said more susah for them but for me, it's as easy as ABC and real naturally too. You need not waste your time for toilet break, flush out those dirty toxins out everyday and you'll be very healthy in time to come. It's very unhealthy and filthy to keep it inside your body for long.

To go healthy and happy naturally like me, remember to take nutritious food which is not too oily, salty, sweet, spicy and too much preservatives or processed food that can be hazardous to your body, eventually affecting your mental health too. Amazingly in my 40 years of life, I had set up my mind real strongly that so long I have taken a pack of Dutch Lady Fresh Milk everyday, my calcium intake for the day is fulfilled already. No need to find any other food or liquid to substitute for it and it's a super duper easy thing to practise for a busy lady like me. That's my breakfast story for Dutch Lady today, for more updates in life, health, beauty and wellness just stay tuned in my Evergreen Love Blog. Stay healthy, happy and lovely always, that's life!

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