Monday, October 10, 2016

Kyushu Island Ramen Stadium At Canal City Hakata

Rambo's 1st advise to Kyushu Island from his Japanese colleague is must enjoy Ramen noodle here.
Haha...In fact, Rambo went one of the famous Ramen Restaurant in Fukuoka after the exhibition last
3 years ago, he didn't remember where but only know it's the best. I still remember my 1st Ramen &
experience in Tokyo, in Sapporo and this Fukuoka yummy Ramen too. Ramen Pork or Spicy?

After searching for the best Ramen from all the Japanese Restaurants here at the Ramen Stadium,
I decided to choose this empty restaurant but with the best Ramen picture from Kyushu Island. I
took the risk but I always have faith in myself that I have the 'Sik Fuk' (Eating Fortune) I would be
able to dine the best good food from all over the world and all 3 of them just followed. I ordered the
set that comes with Gyoza & Fried Chicken set. I had so much fun buying & paying through machine. 
Other restaurants are full with people and no place to sit like the one we went in Tokyo, mostly Japanese and
tourists also as this shopping mall is just next to the 5 star Hyatt Hotel. Thank God I made the right choice to
try this one as the Ramen was so yummylicious although I wish to take the Spicy Soup but it didn't come in a
set of 8500 Yen with Gyoza and another Fried Chicken set of 9000 Yen. When Rambo told my mom the Ramen
cost about RM36 considered cheap, my mom was really shocked as she tends to compare the Malaysia standard
of living with Japan which is 'Zhang Tin Tung Dei Bei' (the heaven and earth comparison), just can't compare.

I reasoned with my mom I rather paid RM36 or RM40 given by the travel agency listed under tour itineries so
we can have this delicious Ramen experience in Kyushu Island, Japan. I have tried so many, even recently at
Gardens Mall Japanese Restaurant full with people but the taste really cannot compare with the taste in Japan.
Really cannot compare at all, even those many others my friend brought me to, I didn't like any of it. Even the
Gyoza was so delish sekali, I wana order more and more of it. The standard of Japanese Ramen here is Ichiban!

Even a thought of this Ramen with this yummy picture makes me drooling for it liao. Lucky I bought many
of the Kyushu Ramen back home and bought a few more Kyushu Island Ramen from those Japanese shops in
Malaysia. Haha...The best Ramen is really from Kyushu Island, no doubt about it esp. the tasty soup base, I
can finish 2 bowls of it that's for sure. The Ramen noodle is springy enough, thin and not thick I liked best.
We're so full having happy stomach satisfaction filled inside with hot+cold water served during dinner,
we need not order Beer or Sake here. In fact, I taught my good buddy to get the best beer from 7-Eleven
or Aeon Maxvalu for every night indulgence before we sleep at night. My favourite Beer from Japan is no
longer Kirin or Asahi(5 out of 10 Japanese took Asahi Beer in Japan) liao, it's the smoother Suntory Beer
that I got to discover from a Japanese Restaurant in Miyazaki. I wanted to order it from the perfect picture
shown at the restaurant with all the Japanese writings only but too full liao, cannot enjoy much so I waited.

This 'Raumen Stadium' (no idea why they spelled it this way at the entrance) is open at 11am to 11pm daily.
If you happened to drop by at this mall, do come for the Ramen experience like they said, come to Kyushu
Island, must enjoy Ramen then do it once in your lifetime, you'll die with no regrets of 'Sei Yi Mou Ham'.
After all, the Chinese and Japanese who loved to dine and wine kinda species, they always believe that we
work hard+smart so that we are able to travel, explore and dine the best good food from all over the world.
In fact, be it from Malaysia or all around the world, I told my family besides
sleeping is 'Dai Guo Tin', dining is another important factor we should put
our main focus to and many of them totally agreed with me. It's not the Jaguar
Car or hilltop Bungalow that you stay can determined how wealthy you are,
but it's the experiences you have gained over the years with family and friends
when you travel to all around the world in your lifetime. So live life to the fullest
you can while you're still healthy and strong enough to walk, run and climb up
to the top mountain like The Great Wall of China & ZhangJiaJie. Yay to Japan too!

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