Friday, October 21, 2016

WAH CHAN Signature - Renewing Our 22 Years Anniversary Together & Welcoming 23 Years in 2017

We're here to renew our wedding vows to stay united & happily ever after. Still, having been married for the past 22 years living together, we still argue and fight like the Spanish Matador & Bull (Rambo). Yet, we still love each other after 'Dai Yan Yau Dai Leong' big scene of a movie. Haha...That's life & usually, it is Rambo who gave up & sayang me back before midnight. Never ever bring love-hate disputes overnight to the next day, solved it out immediately & forgive+forget sincerely. Marriage takes two to tango till death do us part! 

This handsome Wah Chan Professional put on the ring for me to see if it fits the 'Cinderella Jacinta' but too bad, it's a bit loose for me. I knew it liao, my finger is too 'Yau' fine and small to fit that diamond ring. In fact, my wedding ring need to be special-made by Brilliant Rose and custom-made for gold & platinum band. Rambo's bigger Diamond was shifted to my wedding ring. It took about a month to have it specially-crafted from Singapore. Haha...To me, be it Solitaire or special 66 cuts of a pretty, shiny Diamond, we women deserved to be pampered and sayang forever. If you really fall in love with it, save some money and buy it.

Like they said, diamond is woman's best friend. Take it as a goal to achieve in your marriage after you have succeed to pass that 10 years Anniversary, Golden Jubilee etc. My hubby Rambo is a thrifty kinda man who worked hard like a Bull but he didn't wana spend a dime on branded stuffs like Hugo Boss, LV for himself. At the end of the day, he thinks that he will do his very best to see me happy and looking lovely buying anything that I fell in love with. To him, that's what happiness is and I'm very blessed to have him to love me so sincerely. Always tell yourself that you're worth it and you deserves to own it in time to come. C'est la vie! 

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