Thursday, October 13, 2016

TurkeyPamukkale - Turkish Fashion Show & Leather Factory Visit

Early in the morning we have safely reached to Pamukkale for this Turkish Leather Factory visit 1st. They
welcomed us real grandly into this private room by their top management executives like what the Chinese
did in China. I think they're following the China style in organising travel and tours that's for sure, 'Sai Lik'.

They really 'Jiu Fu' us fantastically with wine, Turkish Apple Juice and fuit juices that are yummy ones,
not Pariah ones. So all of us enjoyed the time mingling with each other, chit-chat and watching the fashion
show excitedly. There's a table with pen and paper to tick the clothing designs that you like and wish to buy.

After the fashion show, suddenly this model that I adores much of his special talent came to me & charmingly
invited me to model with him.Haha...I looked at Rambo &laughed out loud, Rambo pushed me to have some
fun with him so I went as he's waiting for me so sincerely. I chose this Green Turquoise Jacket over the many
fashionable superb quality leather jackets that I fell in love to pair suitably compatible together with him. 
In Turkey, blue green Turquoise meant something very special for good luck, good omen and blessings.
Not only their crystal clear water is green blue turquoise in colour, they also have Turquoise Gems and
wearing all kinds of Turquoise accessories be it the necklace, bracelets, earrings etc. from top to toe just
like the Africans. Turquoise is a good sign for almost everything in Turkey so I bought a bracelet for my mom
too. Haha...I was glad this talented model invited me to join him for a memorable fashion show of my life.
All of them were so sporting about it, they took nice pictures for us and showed it to us during dinner.
They clapped much louder for us during the finale, we practised one time before the fashion show also. 
I think this is the way we should behaved. When we go travel, all of us became friends naturally as one.
We go for spa or swimming together, stayed attached for tours & shopping time for better great bargains
& share good things together. Put all status behind, stay humble and helping each other when possible.

After the sensational fashion show ended, they gave a demo to show us the jackets' quality. Really fantastic,
you can even fold it into a small tiny jacket and put into a medium-sized bag too. I loved it & tried a few of it
although the price can be pricey to thousands of dollars but it's totally worth it if I really liked it. The design
that I wanted didn't have new one, quite limited for my size & it's not easy to find something that I really loved.
I also liked their quality leather handbags too but with that price, I can buy LV, Burberry and Bulgari liao.
Haha....If it only cost about a few hundred Ringgit Malaysia, I'll buy it for sure. If more than that, I would
rather invest in branded designer handbags that's for sure. Haha...I'm a fan when it comes to fashion world.
In Spain, I met a group of 'Fashionista Gang' who wore Versace, Gucci etc. who loved my golden red shoes
and although we're all stuck in limited Spanish and English language barrier, we managed to crack a short
chat with each other about fashion also. How cool was that & they were wearing lovely branded jackets too. 

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