Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Belgium Atomium Day & Night Views

My last Belgium visit to the Atomium in the morning before our much-awaited Chinese Lunch at city centre.
We were craving for rice, hot soup and vegetable dishes after days of having western meals. I was praying
to visit Belgium Atomium during the day for nice pictures and thank God my wish was granted by universe. 

The 1st time I was here during my Central Europe tour in 2012, we reached here
late at night for night views visit near to the Atomium Tower. Nice views ever! 

Everyone were looking for toilet but no toilet here. They took pictures with no peace of mind, keep looking &
rushing off for a toilet break. Haha...I didn't layan Robin who keep asking us all to take nice pictures here as I
ran over to one of the boutique hotel and borrow their toilet that needed a key to go in. Only then I'm happy
to take pretty & lovely pictures with Rambo and my friends here. I was glad to take day & night views here. 

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