Monday, October 3, 2016

Kyushu Island - Hot Spring Spa Pampering

Haha...We're so excited to go for our hot spring spa pampering at the hotel. I took my bath, cleanse my body
real clean 1st and intercom Grace who's waiting for me in her room. As this is her 1st time, I taught her to take a
clean bath from the onsen room. We needed a pass to enter the spa as they had very strict rules and tight security
protecting hotel guests' safety, only hotel guests staying here are allowed to utilise their spa facilities until 2am.
And they reopen it at 5am early in the morning but I only go for the spa pampering at night. Unlike the 'Tin Yin'
natural hot spring spa that I had indulged at Mount Fuji where the hot spring water came from natural volcano
mountain, this is just a man-made hot spring spa added with their own Japanese healthy herbs and minerals for
our spa enjoyment. It is 'Da Dai' 40 d.c and Grace couldn't dip herself into the hot spring spa like me as she's not
used to it yet.I advised her to dip her toes 1st, slowly legs & finally her whole body inside. She only needs time
to get used to the very hot 'Lat Sei Yan' water for some. Lucky only both of us are here, the rest are too shy liao.

The next morning, the tour guide Lem asked anyone went for the hotel spa where it's paid already under the
hotel package and if we missed it, it would be wasted he said. Nobody went except Grace, Rambo and I.
Haha...In Japan, Property is ranked the most expensive things here so most of the Japan payment was 
paid for hotel. 2nd is the Salary and 3rdly is the Transportation, which I learnt many years back during
my Honshu holiday all around Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. I feel so good, healthy and slept like a baby after
the spa enjoyment. Although both Grace and I can talk like nobody's business, really non-stop until 'Kai
Diong Emm Tuin' but I really needed my 8 hours beauty sleep more than ever. I told her to be continue
tomorrow after having so much fun & selfies here. We enjoyed the spa a lot we actually go for it everyday
after much shopping trips of the day till late at night. The night is still young for us when we are in Japan!

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