Thursday, October 27, 2016

Health Updates 2016 - Organic Elderberry Tea

Last Saturday, my health-conscious Uncle Ta (Hainanese No.3) passed us all a bottle of the Elderberries to try. You can take it raw like any other berries or raisins like snack fruit but I prefer to make it as hot drink. It also falls under herbal supplement when I asked my aunty to send me the picture of the packaging and started to google more about it. Elderberries is a strong, powerful antioxidant property mainly came from Australia, South America and Europe. I'm so grateful that I'm able to attract many health expertise like my Uncle Ta and friends to share useful tips and healthy informations with me everyday of my life. That's what life is all about.

Not only my sis Hoon, another health-expertise who always share many health related topics with me in Rambo Lim's family (We're health kamching buddies) stretched to us the importance of taking organic food all the time, my aunt Janice told me this is organic and it's safe for good health in the long run. Haha...That's why I dare to take a bite of it but not a fan of it so I rather drink it this way. I prefer to take it like my usual hot tea indulgence after a heavy dinner meal. It tasted naturally sweet with Elderberry taste without the need to add any sugar or honey at all and it smells refreshingly good of rich Elderberry before I put it into the teapot. 

I enjoyed taking it while it's very hot, even after it gets cold, it still taste good. It's good for heart, helped to improve vision (although I'm not wearing glasses, still need to maintain my good eyesight till old age), lower cholesterol, a powerful antioxidant against cold+flu & protect cells against damage. You can read more about the benefits through google and how it helped to fight the Panama Flu Epidermic in 1995. Stay tuned for my health updates in November, I'm going to Shanghai, China for JC Autumn Holiday from Oct to Nov 2016 and I'm sure I'll get to gain more healthy tips like the 'Cha Duo fen', Tea Polyphenols from there as well!

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