Wednesday, October 26, 2016

South Africa - Gold Club Restaurant Of South African & Malay Special Cuisines

South Africa surprisingly stunned me of a truly wonderful travel experience added in my travel diary. I went
with the least expectations as I was afraid I didn't like their food, safety measure. But it's true we need to
stay extra careful in South Africa. In fact when we 1st reached to SA, our Malaysian tour leader R and 
Mickey, Capetown tour guide have warned us to stay in a group together, safeguard our bags & ignored 
the Black ones(not racist here but majority are unemployed due to bad economy) who tried to be nice.
In fact when Rambo took pictures for me at the airport, there were a few SA Black ones calling me "Ni hao?"

Haha...I quickly ran away and dragging Rambo to stay in the group for safety precaution. After a tiring day
of touring Capetown to watch the thousands of seals by cruise, we get to spend a night of Samba Rumba Cha
Cha dancing and fine dining here at Gold Club Restaurant. This unique African restaurant served delicious 14
course set of Cape African and Malay menu with Safari taste from Table Mountain to Timbuktu of Capetown.
In fact, I enjoyed the special South African culinary experience here trying out their special delicacies for sure.

We 're lucky to arrive on time for our dinner early as when the many tourist groups arrived later from Europe
& other parts of the world, we have finished enjoying our South African authentic and Malay meals liao.
Thank God I can enjoy rice and many yummy dishes from here delightfully. From stage, the performers
dance all the way from ground floor, up to 1st and 2nd floor of the Gold Club Restaurant. I was so glad & 
feel blessed being able to visit this famous Cape Town restaurant that's situated right at the city centre.
If you happened to travel to SA, come and enjoy the delish food served here at Gold Club, you'll love it too.
Haha...They also came to our table and drew some local South African tattoos for young ladies, inviting me
too but I passed. I told my new friends to go ahead without me as we're all sitting together side by side among
the young ones. I only wana enjoy the fine dining and go back hotel and rest. My battery went totally flat liao
until no energy to reply anyone's messages also. I took a hot bath, put on my Safari Jungle Lingerie and sleep
like a baby after wishing Rambo, "Amituofo, nite nite!" I know, my passion for fashion esp.for animal prints
like Jaguar, Lion, Leopard, Tiger can go endlessly until everyone go fashion-stoked with me. Haha...That's life! 

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