Sunday, June 2, 2013

Spring Blossom 2013

Haha…I’m so glad to be back to Malaysia my home sweet home, green green grass of home. Yea, although I enjoyed my travel together with my dear Rambo but I just can't describe the deep feelings inside of me that I'm grateful to be back to my homeland KL Malaysia, no matter how wonderful my Eastern Europe holiday can be. Indescriable feelings, I just can't express it out but I felt safer and happier to be back here. 

Thank God this time I fly with MAS Airline on a midnight flight where I had a good night sleep after a full stomach filled up with yummy 'Pan Mee', and many other good fillings at Plaza Premium Lounge.It's my new favourite lounge at the airport now. One of the tour member Juliana whom we got close during this Eastern Europe trip told me she saw me at the lounge that night eating non-stop and she couldn't believe that a petite lady like me can really eat that much. Haha...I told her if the food is really good then I can eat a lot. 

But in Europe, I really have ‘Mou Dam Hou Sik’(not eating good) although we did visit those famous Hungarian and Austrian fine dining restaurants with specialties, authentic local dishes. For me, the food sucks man. Not only it tasted so bland in taste and only comes with limited choices of fish or pork chop, it’s really not tasty at all. I only take a bite or two, finish my Red Wine with the local dessert then I need to grab a cup of maggi mee to survive on that night. Back home to where my food paradise is, I would not even look at maggi mee at all.

What to do, we the Malaysians are too pampered with all kinds of glorious good food all around Malaysia, you name it we have it. And although the Hungarian Restaurant were full of tourists like Malaysians of us in the VIP room, the Japanese, Chinese or the ‘Guai Lou' with local performance by the old-timers. They're experience enough knowing how to melt our hearts by singing ‘Rasa Sayang’ song but the food was dissappointing lot. Well, I guess I cannot compare the food subject with our Malaysian food anymore but to forgive and forget it asap, or it's gonna destroy my happiness of a happy holiday in Europe. 

The day before I fly to Frankfurt I reminded my dear Charmers again that next Saturday I’m not coming to meet them so my dear LeAnne won’t be waiting for me like mad. That day I told her she already bo happy, as everytime I told her that she told me she doesn’t want me to go anywhere, be it China ka, Europe ka or anywhere else unless we’re all going together. This time, she also like ‘Bin Jui’( L) liao but I assured her it’s only one Saturday and I promised to get her nice souvenirs from Austria.

I met them last Saturday, Lynette came to me and wishing me “Amituofo Dai Yiyi” almost 3 times and hugged me so tightly till I can't breathe even when I was busy eating. Haha…she’s like that one. I remembered the Cambodian maid told me one Saturday she didn’t see me one Saturday after searching the whole house she asked her, “Where’s my Dai Yiyi?” as she's expecting to meet me every week to have a good chat together. Both LeAnne and Ying Shan grew up so fast this year they're gonna be 10 and 11 years old. I missed those time spending years with them. 

Nowadays, all 3 of them talk like normal adults and they know many things they learned from daily sharing with friends at school. I told my sis+mom about it as they thought they are still young but I told them, "No, they knew it as I hear their stories sharing with me. They actually talk about politics asking about rocket and 'dacing' parties." And everytime, whatever subjects we shared among us the 10 ladies, they actually sit side by side next to me, listening to it and they asked me questions if they have any doubts about it. I think they grew up too fast now, I wish the clock can try to tick more slowly from now on. 

They also remind me from time to time to give away my dress for them as soon as possible. Everytime I come on Saturday LeAnne would comment, "Wah, so nice this dress, I like it. Don't forget ya Dai Yiyi, you promised to give me your dress when I grow up". Ying Shan heard that and shouted, "Yea, me too". Lynette, although the youngest one among 3 of them but she never 'Jap Shue'(never lose out any opportunity) kinda girl and shouted it out loud, "Me too Dai Yiyi". "Haha...Ok, sure thing," I replied them all. Even one Sunday I had lunch with them, they saw my crystal bling bling shoes they asked me to buy it for them. I told them I would do my very best to look for them. 

Lynette reminds me so much about myself when I was a little girl. I used to ask my mom to get the cute socks with 2 furry balls which was in trend at that time, that pink princess dress I saw at the mall and BMX bicycle for exercise. My mom asked me to get 1st place in the class then she would get me the bicycle which I did in Standard 4. But such a coincidence my dad just came back from Holland I asked him to get me one bicycle asap and my sis+bro were getting it too.

Haha...we cycle to SKBBSP school together sometime. My school in DAB was too far away from Seri Petaling, so my mom moved us to this new school with my brother Ahboy started his Standard 1 here, my sis in Std 3 and I started Std 5 with all my neighbours around me. I have two neighbour boys and one malay girl called Linda who grew up with me in Seri Petaling since 5 years old but all of them went to Salak South school except for me. But this time, all of us went to the same school and we had great times together in the same class. 'Yat Dui, Ye Dui'(day and night meet) like a happy family as Linda always come to my house looking for me for story books and I always went to her house for makan-makan(eat).

That's why Ray, my friend said that day I used to mix only with the malays and seldom mixed with the Chinese, in the last friends' gathering at his cafe+music shop in Endah Parade. Haha...I replied him, "No lah, I usually hang out with them because we're all 'Pengawas'(prefects) and I was also the 'Monitor' in the class so we always meet up for duty rotation discussion all the time to make sure our school runs smoothly for Monday assembly. We also clicked really well because we stayed close to each other". I mixed with everyone actually, no racist or gender count as good friends are hard to find esp.the ones we can stay laughing and crying together. 

The most important thing in finding a good friend is the person must be kind enough, 'hati mesti baik dan bersih' I always said that to everyone. That's how we can clicked and uplift  each other for better support. Sincerity counts and that's how the friendship can sound for many years to come. Yea, although I met many new friends all along the journey of my life, I never forget my old, long lost friends because we're lucky to be destined been together in this life. 

Like the Chinese always said, 'Yau Kam Sang, Mou Loi Sai', you may have this kinda fortune/friends/life in this lifetime, not necessary you will have it in the next lifetime. It applies to relationships of family, friends and to many aspects of life. So treasure good things that's happening in our lives right now in the present as you'll never know what tomorrow will bring to us. That's life, c'est la vie! 

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