Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bio-Essence 24K Bio-Gold Eye Contour Lifting Serum

Always been a fan of Bio-Essence brand as I love their nice packaging. Just like
this classy, glass bottle that's transparent with the golden colour serum
already tempted me so much into using it everyday without failed. 

The details are packed with full infos of the product itself. It's easy to use with
speedy absorption of the serum.

The benefits listed on the box, convincing enough to motivate me into using it
at once. I have two bottles of this so I gave one bottle to my sister Defney as
I only have two eyes I can't be using so many with such a big bottle of this.

The ingredients detail, company details and now, it's made from China...Haha!

The watery serum is fully-absorbed into my eye area within two rounds of light
dabbing. I'm actually very lazy to apply eye serum/eye cream on my eye area
as I need to dab it gently without pulling my eyes to further wrinkle lines. The
result is ok for me as I wouldn't say it's lifting my eyes up like a young lady but
I would said it's keeping my eyes smooth and wrinkles far away. The dark eye
circles of mine cannot be help much as it's due to my sensitive stomach problem,
I ate too much spicy food and I have gastric problem before. So if I sleep well
every night at Cinderella's time with CellLab Oxygen infusion treatment every
month, I'm sure my Panda eyes can get rid of easily. So I'm kinda satisfied with
it as it delivers great result for an eye serum that easy for me to use everyday.

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