Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Czech Republic, Eastern Europe

Just arrived to Prague city centre, left my luggage in the hotel and zoom out for sight-seeing around the city.
Really need to grab the opportunity to explore the city for night views and its surrounding happening places.
Went for a Chinese dinner and invited for a fine Red Wine from Germany. Real smooth after a tantalising
Chinese meal. Great ending of the day. The photo is not clear after I enlarge it to X-Large, no choice :( 

One of the spectacular building I admired so much about Prague. Love its
building architectural designs from its bridge to its ancient buildings everywhere.

One of the many favourite pictures I love of Prague, really fascinating view ever. Only our group tour is
around this place so it's kinda private for everyone of us to take as many pictures we want. 

The changing soldiers on duty to guard this Parliament House, almost similar like the Taiwan routine but
the Taiwanese soldiers are all younger and more skillful in their skills performing the art of smart soldiers. 

The new soldier on duty, just a memory picture for great memories.

This place is really huge and beautiful, almost got bombed out by Hitler when he conquered this country.
But lucky he didn't after spending a night stay here, he decided to keep this place.

One of the most captivating view I love so much. Fantastic and fascinating at the same time, glad to be here.

As the Old Town is so huge, I really take my time to tour this place with relaxing mood. I take my own sweet
time to enjoy the beautiful flowers and smell the Lavender. Aaah, so relaxing and invigorating moments here.

This is the beautiful garden with a nicely sculptured lake with pairs of peacocks around. Haha...I passed by
the 1st colourful one, he showed me his beautiful tails so Rambo quickly took a picture for me. I waved
goodbye to him and said that he's a good boy as he's vain enough to show its tail to me.

Then I reached here, this rare White Peacock is a bit arrogant as everyone wants a picture with him, he
open and close its tail from time to time. I told them not to touch the peacock as they tend to 'kacau' him
when he does open its tail. Just let him do his part, if he wana open he will open it vainly. Never try to force
the animal, he's also a living being with its own mind and thinking and it's really up to him to open it or not. 

This is the bridge that links to the New Town from the Old Town where I came from. Lovely views along
this bridge. I never notice this Pink Jacket Lady was looking at me till I reached at the other side of town
she smile at me and telling me, "Bella, Bella" with a kiss sign from her. Haha...I thanked her by saying,
"Gracias, Gracias" as I know Bella means Beautiful. People around here in Prague are nice, friendly be it
from the tourists around the world or the people working at the souvenir shops are also courteous. 

Very soothing and relaxing atmosphere all along the views that we managed to capture along the way.

This is the New Town area, just across the Old Town city that's separated by this calm, clean river.

Thousands of tourists from around the world came here every year to watch this clock performance. I only
managed to grab the second row of seat for the great view, while enjoying a cold Raspberry Juice after a
long walk from Old Town to New Town, a happening city centre in Prague.  

Had my lunch here at Hard Rock Cafe with a touch of Czech Republic flavour. Good service as the locals
here are more humble, they really welcome you with an open heart and served you humbly. 

Goodbye Prague, after a heavy lunch both Rambo and I walking real slowly back to Continental Hotel for the
coach to travel to Bratislava. Full of tourists here shopping, dining and wining around this cool, small town.  

My last picture at Prague city and rest at my comfy coach. Then my malay tour member called me from behind,
"Jacinta, baru tadi kita share with you the pickpocket incident kat Italy, then on the way back kita kena pickpocket
again.""Really, what happened?" I asked. They told me what had happened along the way back to our coach, they
kena pickpocket the 2nd time in Europe. Our tour guide has already warned us from Day 1 that Europe's best story
ever is this pickpocket event that can happen to anyone, at anytime of the day and it's really happening to them.
So beware when you travel to Europe, always travel light and be alert all the time. I love Prague overall, just not this.

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