Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Paris, France 2016

This year my Spring holiday in Europe included Paris in
France happened to be in sunny weather, just nice. But
still I prefer to be safe than sorry so I wear this GUESS
Furry Winter Coat to keep me warm and thank God I did
as when the wind blows straight to us, it was so chilly
cold like the winter season. Lucky I wore my scarf too.

Even Sis May, one of my tour member loved the way I dress
like a Princess, she said to me in Cantonese. Haha...I humbly
accept and thanked her for the nice compliments. We became
friends and quite close as we liked to share about happiness. I
totally understand her and adores her for being a good mom
who raised 2 obedient teenage girl and boy who respects me.
We make friends with everyone as time goes by but sometimes, it's a 'Yuen Fen' being able to stay close with
one and another really depending on the same passion or not. She wanted to buy branded things also but really
had no idea which brand to buy. So happened both of us fell in love with the same CD Pink Limited Edition Bag
when we both went in Christian Dior Boutique together. This time I'm fortunate to visit the 'Musee du Louvre'
during my Paris journey this year. The last trip in Paris, I decided to shop till I drop at Champs Elysees and dine.
Feeling fantastic to close the gap to touring Paris this time so I can plan to travel to other countries now.

I may have planned Europe trip with London as the main destination in the 'Speedy Gonzales' rushing mood, it
turned out to be a perfect holiday for both Rambo and I. Initially, I was feeling dili-deli still trying to figure out
many factors should I go or not, should I spend this much of money and should I just go with the flow with Ju
to Iceland until Rambo convinced me to live life to the fullest and enjoy to the max. Haha...I finally gave in and
glad I did as I enjoyed many new things I get to explore here esp. the Parisien fine dining with Rambo in Paris.
I never really fancy taking Escargot but this restaurant managed to delish me with their signature garlic sauce
that make the whole dish seemed so special about it. Then I get to enjoy every specialties from the others too.
All of them cuts a small piece of Lamb, Duck, Fish and Steak for me to indulge. We also helped each other in
sharing to buy Paris souvenirs as they were late for the souvenir shopping at this particular shop and the rest
are selling very expensive, no one can afford to pay so much for so many souvenirs also in Euro. Haha...Lucky
Rambo bought a lot that day as they wanted to go but was not allowed to as after the dinner, we need to travel
back to out hotel safely and we're encouraged to stay close together as a group from pickpockets. Day to night,
Robin has advised us many times to keep our wallet, cash and bags at various secret places to avoid from being
robbed. Going Europe is like you need to stay alert and careful from the ghosts like that. My Gel Manicure that
changes to Pink Fushcia when it's cold, White under warm weather and Red when I washed my hands with cold
water. One of the lovely Gel Manicure I had ever experience in my life and super duper loving it to the max!

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