Tuesday, July 19, 2016

ARIMINO Born In Japan Haircare CARE DUE Spa Treatment

First and foremost, I wish to thank Arimino for this beautiful Arimino Born In Japan Haircare Spa Treatment pampered for my dry, dull-looking hair that week due to the hazy, hot weather. No matter how healthy our hair can be with all the tender loving care poured into taking good care of our hair, just 3 days of hot weather out in the sun only, the hair can turned out to be unruly, dry like the ranting pokok, tree branches in China during Autumn season and get tangled easily. That's how fragile our hair can turned out to be, besides falling off easily and scalp get irritated sensitively. After been pampered with this Arimino Care Due Treatment, my head feels light and easy , I went home happily and confidently with smooth, healthy and ruly hair.

I'm so glad to meet Ms. Tan and William who are nice to welcome me to try on this relaxing hair spa that fateful afternoon. After a meaningful chat with them, they invited me to try on this Arimino CARE DUE Spa treatment done by Joseph. Joseph cleanse my hair using the right hydrating shampoo to give back the moisture I needed desperately for dry hair. I always loved Arimino brand for its cute and fun packaging esp. the styling products for the past 10 years but now naturally, I'm loving the haircare treatment products as well.

Then, he started to apply the Arimino Stretching Spa Gel Mask on my wet hair layer by layer, part by part and focused mainly on the scalp gently. He started to massage my head for better blood circulation. The massage was good and we talked much about hair related issues. For more infos about this rich Japanese beauty company having 71 years of beauty history in Japan, check out https://www.facebook.com/ARIMINO/

Joseph then applied the CARE DUE Smooth Control Serum smoothly on all over my hair. Both scalp and hair treatment are done together at the same time after the relaxing head massage. Feels so pampering with the revitalizing divine scent of Arimino haircare products. Furthermore, I get to enjoy using Arimino haircare products presented exclusively to me and I got totally hooked pampering my hair everyday with Arimino now.

That day when Steven told me that I have healthy, lovely hair and asked me which brand of shampoo I used at home, I proudly answered him "Arimino from Japan". He quickly agreed with me that Arimino haircare products are really good excitedly and I totally agreed with him indeed. After cleansing the treatment of 10 minutes, my hair then showered with CARE DUE Smooth Hold Serum and Volume Mist real luxuriously. Arimino brand philosophy is 'healthy hair requires daily targeted hair care of both the scalp and the hair together.' 

I feel so blessed to get up close with this Japanese brand now as I can feel that my hair got strengthen and smoothen to healthy, smooth and shiny-looking hair now. Even after using Arimino Shampoo without the hair conditioner also, it didn't dry up my hair at all and after using the conditioner, my hair need not comb also it managed to tame my hair to silky-smooth touch hair. Everyday when I wakes up, my hair is still smooth, not dry and shiny as ever. To achieve having healthy, smooth-y and lovely hair, you only need to follow the 3 simple steps and using the Arimino Shampoo, Conditioner and Volume Mist disciplinary, as simple as that!

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