Sunday, July 3, 2016

Moringa Antioxidant Benefits

Gossip need not be a negative topic, it can be a positive sharing where the whole family members are talking about health related issues. Someone is sick, we are concerned about him and suddenly everyone started to confess they have high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc. My mom then showed us this miracle seed and she actually peeled one for me to try it that tasted like a nut called Moringa. She bought a small pack at RM10 from Pasar Pagi for one week testing and we started to google about Moringa straight away. In Chinese, it's called 'La Mu' where I quickly asked my aunty who happened to be there and knew much about it too. 

It tasted bitter 'Kam Kam Dei' kinda taste, then slowly turned into very sweet taste. You need to bite it slowly, you can take it raw like this or cooking Moringa veges or powder for its multi benefits nutrients. I told my mom I rather she takes this natural seeds than continue taking the high blood pressure medicine besides taking oat or Nestum like I used to push Rambo everyday. Like I told everyone last month June Saturday gathering when my relatives came down from Johor and to my mom who also followed my blog very closely, I only need Cellfood and other health supplements to keep me alive happily each day to stay away from sickness.

'Sik Dak, Fen Dak & Siu Dak', can eat, sleep and laugh out loud everyday, my life is totally complete and fulfilled already. Everyday when I shared good infos with family or friends, they may thanked me secretly through pm box to show their appreciation but deep down inside of me, I only wished to see everyone gets healthy through living the holistic ways and practising natural methods like this. My relatives also knew much about Moringa as they usually take herbs, spices and plants like Moringa for good health maintenance or for South Africans who always take Moringa as they couldn't afford to see doctor all the time in South Africa.

Health cannot be bought with money and you can cultivate good health through many natural factors like practising zen meditation, exercise regularly with Yoga where I forced Rambo to do it everyday in front of me, eating healthily and keep the stress far, far away from us. Nothing is more important than living healthy everyday, health is the ultimate wealth of all. Everyday when I woke up feeling fresh, no sick no pain I already 'Ze Tin, Ze Dei' thanking Amituofo, Guan Yin for their great blessings. I don't need Hermes to make me happy. Staying healthy having regular menstrual cycle is more important to me no matter how leceh it can be. 

I told my body no matter how busy and lazy I can be, monthly period must come on time as it's important to regulate the balance woman hormone in my body besides flushing out toxins and renewing fresh blood in my body. In fact last Saturday my stepdad told me during dinner that he used to tell my mom about Moringa but she never listened to him until she chance upon this Moringa from Sg Long market. Haha...I laughed out loud as I knew their kerenah long time ago as couples never really listen to each other. Even I need to push myself to do Yoga everyday in setting a good example for Rambo to do exercise no matter how lazy I can be. 

My mom helped Rambo, my sisters and her friends bought a 30gram pack of this Moringa to keep us healthy and happy from now on. My mom even showed us the proof how Moringa has helped to balance the high blood pressure and high cholesterol she had before. I didn't encouraged anyone of them to take medicines, YES to health supplements and natural plants, herbs and spices like this. Recently, my health record has improved with better result where the pharmacists also asked about my secret and I happily shared there's no secret but to stay stress-free, eat healthy, exercise regularly and stay happily ever after only. That's life! 

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