Monday, July 11, 2016

My Fashion OOTD Updates - Orange Passion

Everytime Lancel called and invited me for their private party launches,
it's either I go travel or busy on business trip I replied them. Haha...But
after attending a beauty event held at St.Giles Hotel, I dropped by to see
what's new and things I have missed from their latest news or launch. The
last time I even missed the personalised name engraved for my Lancel Bag.

Victoria Secret Shopping Bag looked fabulous been adorned with this in-trend
furry pom pom tagged on this bag. I managed to grab another lovely Orange
VS Handbag that looked exactly like the trendy & stylish Fendi Handbag. I
bought it because I like the golden buckle, made from genuine leather and light.
The last time I posted this picture on Facebook, instantly my friend asked me to show all my shopping haul
from JPO. I quickly replied her through wazzapp and both of us totally agreed with the bargains that I had
managed to grab from my shopping trip here. Sometimes when we needed the inner lingeries that we had
to wear to avoid over-sexiness or to mix-match in pairing our colourful clothings from inside, it's important
to have it prepared in our wardrobe. La Senza quality is comfy and airy besides looking sexy and lovely. 

H & M Orange Swimming Top I managed to grab but I had to let go of the bottom to match it a pair as
it's too small liao. Ngam for young girls & recently, I don't go for sexy little things only but I prefer to
choose those comfy and airy clothings that can keep me healthy & happy. I used to shop in H&M from
my many overseas trips before H&M opened in Malaysia. I find that overseas collection have more
pretty colourful collection, sexy Swarovski Lingerie(expensive) from Austria & galore of chic makeup.
Malaysia need to buck up with their fashion sense and style faster, higher and bolder, not good enough.

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