Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Olive Garden, The Italian Kitchen At Midvalley Megamall

Nowadays I prefer to stay home 'Guai Guai Lui' taking healthy food everyday, living a stress-free life escaping
myself from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Every night Rambo suggested we go for this cafe/restaurant,
I'm not keen to go unless I have important things to do. Even those night events, dinner etc. I lazy to go also
and I need Rambo to pull me up and pushed me to go. When he need to attend any business meetings also, I
told him to go alone without me but the final decision will need to depend on me after hearing their proposals.
Too many con and scammers game around, they only wanted to make fast money esp. on those who have
lots of cash money as cash is the king now. That night, I need to get a new colorful esp. Purple Furry Pom
Pom for my dear Lynette as I had promised her once she gets 1st place in her 'Zing Ying Ban' (Brilliant Class),
I'll get her one as she has been eyeing for my colourful pom poms since last year 2015 after I bought the 1st
one from South Africa. As usual, after shopping I sure need to stay happy looking for the best cafe in town.

I always complained to Rambo I got jelak liao taking food from MV and Gardens as we have tried almost all the
cafes and restaurants here till I got so bored. Only this Olive Garden I have not visit and such a coincidence,
I was craving for Italian good food that week so let's give it a try then. I don't know why my laws of attraction
can be so strong, after I thought about something like craving for Italian food, it will appear before my eyes one.
All the lovey dovey corner seats were taken, so I finally chose one at far end corner away from the crowd.
I chose the quiet and cozy corner so that I can laugh out loud all I wanted esp.when Rambo mentioned that
I benefits the most dining here at Olive Garden because I have the appetite like a Pig who can eat non-stop.
The reason why I chose to try out the food here is that I can order unlimited soup from the menu with main
course ordered. I can choose between the salad or the soup so I ordered 2 main course for both choices.

Rambo loves to take vegetables so he took the salad as the appetiser, I chose the soup where I ordered the
Chicken Gnocchi, a creamy chicken broth with roasted chicken, Italian traditional dumplings and spinach
to delish my appetite 1st and I was super duper hungry. Not bad with a big bowl servings with generous
fillings of chicken and dumplings ingredients that only cost RM11.80 per bowl. Consider reasonable price.
The Italian Breadsticks served complimentary for us just like the Italian fine dining we used to have in Italy,
crunchy & freshly baked to perfection. In Italy, their bread can be hard until one of our friend in Italy got
his registered implant teeth pulled out caused by the typical Italian bread. Haha...He told us he needed
to get it planted back only after reached Malaysia. This Pasta Pescatore, sauteed with generous servings of
shrimp, bay scallops and mussels of fettuccine pasta cost RM41.90, quite pricey I know but it's totally worth it.

Yea, the price can be pricey for the main course order but the pasta was full with seafood ingredients like
the expensive scallop. Sometimes I bought those grilled Japanese Scallop for 3 already cost me RM15
per stick. Rambo enjoyed this Garlic Rosemary Chicken which I only took a few bites of the chicken meat
that he had cut into small pieces for me to enjoy. I like the mashed potatoes and the spinach veges.
This caramelized garlic and rosemary atop is marinated done for this grilled chicken breast cost RM29.90. 
Rambo always make me laugh out loud, while we enjoyed our Italian dining here in Malaysia, we also feel
so full due to our hysterical laughing moments about life. While enjoying the main course, I also enjoy
slurping the 2nd bowl of soup called the Zuppa Toscana. I forgot to take any picture of it as I prefer to
enjoy my meal than doing anything else. All their 'Zuppe E Insalate' were freshly made every morning,
in fact fresh soups and salads are delightful enough to kick start us into indulging more delicious meals.

All cost the same price at RM11.80 with a big bowl servings and I can take 5-6 bowls of it that's for sure.
The savoury broth served with generous russet potatoes, rich 
beef bacon bits and minced chicken. This
last order Minestrone Soup, made with fresh vegetables with beans and pasta in light tomato broth is a
vegetarian classic soup and it's my favourite of it all. It's healthy and yummy lot to suit my fussy tastebud
that's for sure.Total bill came up to RM85 but I enjoyed dining here and will visit OG if I come to MV again
or if I'm craving for Italian good food one day soon. Haha...It's all up to my good mood calling, that's life!

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