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Isabelle Lancray 'ILSACTIVINE' Sustenance For The Skin With Vegan Anti-Aging Care

Isabelle Lancray has been synonymous with the French flair for beauty when Madame Isabelle Lancray opened a prestigious beauty parlour in 1953 at Rue Francois 1, one of the most famous district in Paris. Haha...I just came back from Paris in my last Spring holiday so somewhere, somehow the Parisien heat of romanticism is still fresh in my memories and kinda refreshing my lovely Paris journey all over again during the event.

This beauty event was held at Bistro a Table at Section 17, PJ in the morning and we were served with a great lunch to end the event. Today, Isabelle Lancray is introducing another allure from the City of Love, where French women are admired for their confidence and charisma. They can be simple and chic at the same time.  The Parisian crowd loves to go au naturel with a balanced and healthy lifestyle to sustain their youth. In fact, this is my beauty philosophy too as everyone knew I prefer to go for au naturel beauty for years already. 

Arising from this occurrence, we have witnessed the convergence of the Parisians’ two passions into their skincare routine - “food” and “cosmetics”. The “food cosmetics” trend came about when skincare products started to contain ingredients that follow dietary habits or have textures and smells that are based on food, such as ice cream, mousse and sorbet. I never really indulged in macaroon kinda girl although I had tried many of it even from Paris itself, but this cute macaroon is really yummy and I managed to finish it as well. 

In the new ILSACTIVINE range, Isabelle Lancray has taken up this trend with a trio of products containing innovative vegan formulas that whisked up a smooth and youthful skin. The textures of the products are formulated so that they can gently melt into the skin, delivering ultramodern anti-aging care for the highest cosmetic demands. 

The ILSACTIVINE range comprises of the “Souffle De Beaute”, a regenerating innovative cream mousse with light UV protection of “Elixir Volume Plus”, a sorbet that gently melts into the skin for a plumping effect and the “Flash Lift”, a light liquid to firm and even skin tone and bringing about an optical reduction of wrinkles.

Active Ingredients
Walnut Extract
Because of its composition, the walnut extract is refined into an indispensable multifunctional raw potion in modern anti-aging products. It intensively stimulates the bioactivity of restructuring, prompts the body’s natural collagen synthesis and also helps to build a healthy, protective skin barrier. An exceptional combination of free-radical-scavenging and vitalizing molecules protects the skin against oxidative stresses and stimulates protein synthesis in the deeper layers.

Cranberry Seed Oil
The oil is characterized by its slightly nutty scent. Linoleic and linolenic acid protect the barrier of agitated skin. Mature, dry and eczema-prone skin; as well as greasy and blemished skin benefit from the anti-inflammatory, keratinization-regulating properties of the cranberry seed oil.

Southern Ginseng
Southern Ginseng strengthens epidermal lipid synthesis, the key enzymes of which are also multiplied. All in all, the skin’s moisture content, firmness, smoothness and elasticity are significantly improved and wrinkle depth is visibly reduced.

Vitamin E
Concentrate of natural tocopherols (vitamin E) in sunflower oil is incorporated as a natural antioxidant.

Brown Algae
The Brown Algae produces three key proteins during synthesis, which are essential for the existence of adipocytes which fills up with fat and has a volumizing effect.

Microalga Porphyridium Cruentum
Based on the development of edible film, the Microalga Porphyridium Cruentum is a polymer matrix ideally adapted to the requirement for skin firming. The polymer forms a three-dimensional network on the skin which refines the skin microstructure, reduces coarseness and makes fine lines disappear.

Innovative cream mousse with light UV protection as a regenerating beauty care for day and night. With this regenerating cream mousse one can experience a state-of-the-art complex of purely plant-based repair ingredients that are rich in antioxidants. Your skin will feel smoother, more toned and supple. I really love this melting mousse texture and its rejuvenating scent, I even told Sam when he asked if I liked their new range of products launched that day. So luxurious to pamper on my skin, I actually spread it all over my hands.

This serum with a special sea fern extract (extractum filicis) reactivates worn-out cell functions and optimizes the supply of nutrients. Natural cranberry seed oil and vitamin E guarantee that velvety soft skin feel. This fast-absorbed serum is easily hydrating my skin after massaging gently into my dry left hand. This is what I liked most about serum and I hope it really help to plump up my wrinkles as well. Haha...Nowadays, I desperately needed anti-aging products to keep my aging skin to maintain my youthfulness till old age. It's fine to age gracefully so long we have good health to boost up our immune system in absorbing the nutritious nutrients from food and supplements we took everyday as the root of real beauty comes from inside a healthy body. 

This is a firming 2-in-1 product specially designed to smooth out fine lines in the eye area and around the mouth area in the long run. On the one hand, surface-active natural ingredients quickly ensure visible firming of the skin and wrinkle depth appears reduced. On the other hand, deep-action ingredients activate the skin’s natural regeneration processes with long-lasting skin-toning effect.

Retail price of the ILSACTIVINE Souffle De Beaute is RM368 (50ml), the Elixir Volume Plus is RM338 (50ml) and the Flash Lift is RM158 (5ml). The Isabelle Lancray products are available at over 40 beauty salons nationwide. For more information, you can check out http://www.cheerful.com.my/isabellelancray 

About Isabelle Lancray
Rich in both history and tradition, Isabelle Lancray, Paris has been a well-known and respected European brand of cosmetics and skin care products for close to 70 years.

It all began in 1945, after World War II, when Isabelle Lancray, age 30, gave up a career as a journalist to pursue a childhood dream of owning a beauty salon. She took her first steps on the triumphant road to beauty care to set up a manufacturing line in Courbevoie. Her products soon became well-known and very successful.

In 1953, her childhood dream came true when she finally opened her first salon in Rue Francois 1, one of the most famous district in Paris. Here, she organized training and management courses and devoted all her energies in the interest of beauty.

However, she was not satisfied with merely creating products. She wanted even more of the bewitching world of the professional beautician. She worked tirelessly with schools and colleges and developed numerous official diplomas in beauty care. She joined the National Association of beauty salons and became President in 1962. In 1968, she formed the famous French Beauty and Cosmetic Association.

Without a husband and children, she worked relentlessly, day and night. Her numerous activities in pursuit of promoting her brand, took her around the world to many countries including Russia and the Lebanon.

Meanwhile, her reputation had become so remarkable that a leading French evening newspaper wrote as follows about her product range. “Madame Isabelle Lancray is taking on the American giant.” Isabelle Lancray died on 12 April 1989 but her concepts, philosophy, and work lived on.

In 1997, the Isabelle Lancray entity was bought over by Dr Rimpler GmbH which continues to develop the beauty products. The brand continues to flourish and command a leading edge in beauty technology today.

About Cheerful Beauteepro
Cheerful Beauteepro was established in 1983 as the marketing division for the Cheerful Group trading company supplying cosmetic products and beauty equipment. Operations in Malaysia first started in Kuala Lumpur in 1988. Within a year, business flourished and another branch in Singapore was established. Today, Cheerful Beauteepro has a partnership of more than 300 Beautique Members (Beauty Centres) nationwide with expansion plans in the future. Cheerful Beauteepro is the sole distributor of Swiss line products in Malaysia. The company has also established a successful marketing and distribution line for Carole Franck, Dr. Rimpler and Isabelle Lancray beauty products.

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