Friday, July 8, 2016

MoltoBene Japanese 5-Step Moisture Treatment System Review

Stephen greeted and welcomed me for a corner seat of the salon when I went in that afternoon before 4pm for my appointment at Pro Hairdressing Team Salon - No. 58, Jalan USJ 10/1B, Taipan Business Centre, Subang Jaya which is just opposite the Coffee Bean. Ah Men is a fantastic hair stylist who managed to give me good massage during the hair wash. Stephen introduced the Loreal Pro-Fiber or the Moltobene Japanese 5-steps Moisture Treatment which are both suitable for me as he said that I have healthy hair so I can choose any of it based on my preference. I finally chose the Moltobene 5 Steps Moisture Treatment after much consideration.

Deep Layer 1: Penetrate
Step 1 worked from the Fibrils, a high molecule hydrolyzed keratin penetrate into damage hole in hair. The more damage your hair is, the better penetration it would be. After cleansing my hair thoroughly for 10 minutes, Ah Men started with this Step 1 Deep Layer Mask for my hair slowly after washing my hair cleanly.  

Deep Layer 2: Combination
The rich creamy mask was spread all over my hair gently, combing part by part evenly. Feeling so pampering with the hair mask for a 15 minutes steam. Step 2 Matrix is Hydrolyzed keratin made of feather(Kerataide), combined with hair peptide to fill the gap between damage holes. It's a liquid mist sprayed on my hair after the 15 minutes hair mask pampering. I really enjoyed smelling all the rejuvenating scent of the products. 

Deep Layer 3: CMC Repair
Step 3 is the repair ingredients settled into hair by nano-CMC-like ingredient and Pellicles. Formulation with sub acidity helps kerataide molecule gets bigger by combing each other to strengthen inside the hair. Step 1 to Step 3 are mainly focused for internal hair repair while Step 4 & 5 are mainly targeted for outer hair repair.

Deep Layer 4 - Film
Step 4 begins to start to repair the outer layer of the hair and cuticle, richly added ingredients like Chitosan Derivative, Hyaluronic Acid to moisturise the hair smoother and softer. In fact, after completing the Deep Layer 5 - Coat Step 5 for Glossy effect, I can feel that my head feels so much lighter with softer and smoother hair like my favourite furry pom poms, looking healthy and shiny ever. This confidence spelled fabulosity feeling for me.

Even after blow drying my hair, Stephen told me he finally met the only one person out from the 10 who didn't do hair colour after knowing that my brown hair colour was natural. I jokingly replied him, 99 actually and I'm the one he met out from the 100 and he totally agreed with me. Haha...Both of us laughed out loud and even Jess, who happened to be there on that day just realised it was my natural hair colour. There's also the Deep Layer H for home care treatment to keep the hair sustained its effect longer after the treatment. 

I fully recommended those who needed a superb, definite healthy haircare treatment like Moltobene 5 Steps to deeply repair the inner to outer layer hair of your precious crowning glory. Give them a call at 03-56369222, you can give it a try for Ah Men's great services if you're keen to repair your hair healthily and beautifully. This Japanese Haircare Treatment is another sensational hair pampering that managed to brighten up my day fantastically in which I had expected it to be. For 1st trial promotion, they only charge RM99 and for more infos, you can check out

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