Monday, July 25, 2016

Sri Lanka Luxury Ayurveda SPA CEYLON

During my flight by Sri Lankan Airlines, Spa Ceylon was
the main advertiser that keeps on playing in every movie
& I enjoyed watching the ads tranquility of peacefulness.
I was very tempted to purchase their products liao but I
need to try and test the scent plus its quality before I buy
since it's almost the same price as in Malaysia using USD.
The 1st day I have arrived in Sri Lanka for my coffee break at Coffee Bean, I saw this Spa Ceylon with nice
scent that's running through my strong smell sense divinely. The staff are very courteous in serving me &
asking me try on each products. I tried and tested it happily and instantly I told her I wanted this set which I
had targeted during the flight. And it's cheaper also retailing at USD30 only compared to Sri Lankan Airlines.
I was lucky I keep my cool and calm about shopping as I'm not desperate for anything now. At home, I have
many kinds of aromatherapy and beauty products to pamper myself, yet I'll still buy whenever I feel like it.
Actually, I was tempted to buy every sets of it as I fell in love with each different invigorating scents that
 managed to keep me relaxed, uplifted and revitalised but I bought this set 1st to pamper for Europe trip. It
was meant to help those who needed much rest and relaxation to sleep better+easier although I didn't
have any problem sleeping and I can sleep anywhere even on plane when the time is due for rest or sleep.
This Sleep Therapy Home Spa set is a perfect set for me as it comes with a lovely pouch and complete
products for a total relaxation package. I tend to use it everyday just to uplift my good mood naturally.

I also fell in love with it as it's in green colour packaging, it absorbed to my skin real easily after 2
rounds of massage esp. added with the bath oil luxuriously. Last year, Metrojaya has invited me for
their spa opening also but I drove past Midvalley liao. Just never thought that we're destined to meet
again this year and bought it from their birth place here in Sri Lanka. I totally fell in love with Spa Ceylon
as it's one of the best spa products I had ever used in my life. It's the natural scent using best ingredients
 like Lavender, Lemongrass that got me totally hooked in pampering myself with home spa for wellness!


  1. Wow... that spa sets seems really complete to me! I like the green colour packaging too :)

    1. Yea, it's like a heaven sent angel products for me. Totally agreed indeed, this green naturally cool, calm and soothe my feelings! :)

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