Thursday, July 21, 2016

Spanish Dining At La Cocina Restaurant & Tapas Bar, USJ Taipan

Such a coincidence I was craving for Spanish good food that day and so I stepped into this La Cocina
Restaurant that situated strategically at the corner side, I saw it during my haircare spa treatment.
Suddenly I was craving for Seafood Paella and other Spanish delicacies and my laws of attraction really
fulfilled my wish of command instantly like a magic lamp "Your wish is my command!" from the universe.

The moment I glanced through their high class menu,
I fell in love with their delightful, colourful cocktails
already and quickly ordered Spanish Flamenco with
a tease of passion fruit with tequila. Nice and so high!

Can't drink much nowadays so I slowly sip a bit and
finishing it after my lovely spanish fine dining here.
And I also ordered this Spanish Sunset, a blend of
Pineapple, Coconut Cream and Granada fruit juice to
complete the yummylicious dinner that fateful weekend.

Looking at this Mariscos Seafood Paella served smoking hot is suffice enough to tempt our hunger pangs
for spanish delights liao. In fact after Rambo took a picture or two of this delicious Seafood Paella, I quickly
started indulging on it already. Haha...One of the best Seafood Paella I ever had in my 40 years of life. Mama
Mia, Excellente & Rico are all I can say to best describe it that comes with generous seafood servings too.

Now I know where to find a good place for spanish good
food whenever I'm craving and starving for it. Haha...Life
is beautiful when I managed to find a wonderful haven
to fulfil my fussy cravings for good food and beverages.

Rambo enjoyed this delish Spanish dining too and he
felt that 
the total bill of RM122.20 is considered high but
reasoned with him as long it's yummy, it's totally worth it.
I prefer to take rice, I'm a typical Malaysian food lover and
compared with the many fine dining we had esp. in Europe,
dining here in Malaysia is considered very reasonable liao.
I have yet to to compare those high end fine dining in Italy for one person lunch already cost RM150.
In Spain, fine dining can cost around RM100 per pax also without the red wine. Haha...To enjoy life
in Europe or travelling all around Europe for a week or two in classy, luxury lifestyle, minimum you need
RM20,000-30,000 at least. That's why when my friend said she spent about RM 60,000 in Italy, I believe
her as you need that kinda money for total enjoyment for dining, stay and shopping luxuriously or you
can go 'Pok Kai' real easily. No joke man. Control your spending wisely, budget and plan nicely for travel
or you can go crazy when your reached home. Haha...That's life, enjoy life to the fullest while you can! 


  1. The Mariscos Seafood Paella looks really good! Now with our currency so weak, it's harder to travel outside Malaysia, not to mention travelling to Europe. Someday I'll visit Europe in a budget way~ hahaha

    1. Yes Henry, it' s so delicious can give it a try. Haha...True, RM is down too low liao really not worth to go anywhere now. Travel to Europe in budget like a few of my friends are fun too as long you get to discover those interesting places like Eastern Europe. Start to plan now & enjoy your trip! ;)