Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sri Lanka Coffee Bean Indulgence

I remember when I booked this Europe Tour in very last minute great deals with a new travel agency, I
was very busy this year so I didn't have much time to study the itinery yet. When Chin Yee asked me
about it also, I replied her I just go with the flow and let's hope it's a happy holiday for me and thank God
it turned out to be marvellous with smooth, safe journey. Tq to Amituofo and Buddha for their blessings.

For 3 hours transit without the immigration checks, I get
to rest and relax here at Sri Lanka Coffee Bean but it's an
expensive coffee break here, retailed everything in USD.
Used to pay about 3xs but now it's 4xs, a big difference
here so nobody will come for coffee except Angelene & I.

Even this Natural King Coconut Water cost USD6, RM24.
Crazy, Rambo grumbled to me but he still bought it for me
as I'm that kinda angel who would try on something new &
synonym to the birth place country special. Since they dare
to claim their coconut to be the king of coconut so let's try it. 
From my 1st transit to the last transit here, I didn't see anyone
bought this drink at all. All of them indulged in coffee or ice
blended coffee only from my thorough observation. Ok lah,
not very yummy like the 'Siu Thai Coconut Juice' that only
cost TB20 during my many Thailand holidays. Not worth it!

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