Wednesday, June 5, 2013

CLARINS Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel Review

Part of the Clarins Body Shaping Set EUD39 at Frankfurt Airport, worth to buy!

Many years ago I've tried Clarins body care set including the Bust Gel. Although it's not cheap but I liked the gel texture that fully absorbed into my skin in just a few rounds of massages. But the effect took quite long to see the visible result. The result is not very 'ming hin'(obvious) even after finishing the whole bottle(actual size) of it. It does firm up the skin but never expect too much of a lift-up effect for the bigger bust sizes. can say it shapes and tightens the bosom buddies but not lifting them up. Last May after my Eastern Europe holiday, my new masseuse(female) from Amante Salon asked me if I need to massage on my bust area during the Herbal Body Spa I replied her, "No, thanks". Nowadays, I seldom go for any bust treatment that's not necessary. She also said, "Cantik bust you, no need to massage also". I only managed to smile, blushing bashfully. 

Angelina Jolie, my favourite actress who's well known for her sexy body also just went through a new transformation after cutting them away on double mastectomy, when she found out she's prone to having breast cancer by 87%. Brad Pitt who loves her so much, respect her decision to have them removed so long she's back healthy and staying together with the family. That's what love is all about.  

Now, I make sure that I sprayed lots of 'Cellfood' water on both of my bosom buddies after my bath and apply good bust treatment to keep them in good shape. As long they don't form any cysts, tumours and join the cancer buddies, I'm grateful enough to have healthy bosom buddies to care for. In the mean time, I make sure that I eat more veges and fruits, less meat and healthy supplements to keep me going stronger than ever. Life's worth to spend on healthy food than just being pretty always. That's life, C'est la vie! 


  1. During my days as a Flight Attendant, crew love going to U.S to buy Clarins as it's so cheap there. Enjoy your nice product!

    1. Yea, it's cheap in Europe too but Malaysia always sell it a bit more expensive. I enjoy Clarins products very much, not on the price only...Haha!

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  3. Thank Zak for your recommendation. I did follow your advice and buy from Receive it in 2 days !! Product is nice and shipping is extremely fast. I even accumulate discount point for my next purchase. So far so good. Will buy with them again.