Thursday, June 13, 2013

Estee Lauder Nail Colour

This is the 1st time I ever bought candy or nude nail colors as usually I only use shimmer colours. From time to time, I actually update myself on Estee Lauder latest products and this is one of my wish-list last May 2013. Not cheap as I found out that the normal size cost about RM80 per nail colour. Used to be RM55 the last time I bought it many years ago. Its' not cheap but once in awhile, try it no harm. 

I tried on the pink and this orange colour, turned out to be quite sweet to me. It's more suitable for young ladies I would say. The colour looks bright, youthful and candylicious. But it doesn't stay for long esp. I wash my hands quite often with hand cream application, even with the EL top coat provided. It may only last for the week the most. The nude colour is specially kept for my dear sis Shyan, a pro manicurist.

Frankfurt Airport gave us EUD2 for shopping at one of the busiest and strictest airport in the world. Not only they checked you in like a prisoner or terrorist from the world, they really use the machine to check every inch of your body from inside out for safety purpose. At 1st I thought the tour guide was 'Kua jeong'(exaggerated) the whole story but it turned out to be true and we're all laughing out loud talking about this matter at the airport.

I went shopping, usually with my sharp eyes looking for Versace handbag but didn't get to buy one so I ended up buying beauty products. Terminal One have more brands for branded stuffs  but I don't wana be late for my check-in and to be safe so I only got to buy Clarins, EL and all the beauty stuffs only. Anyway, I'm grateful that my Eastern Europe was fun with 5 countries exploration throughout the Spring/Summer season and shopping was only part of the tour itinery so let's get back to the reality with projects to complete. 

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