Monday, June 10, 2013

Clinelle Hydra Firm Night Cream Review

Clinelle is one of my favourite brand of skincare since they started selling here in Malaysia, especially the SnoWhite Mask. Not only it smells like heaven sent gift of a beauty mask to me but the immediate brightening effect you can see from the direct application of the mask after a rinse. I loved it too much till I got hooked of using the mask every alternate days.

That's why when HiShop send me this Clinelle Hydra Firm Night Cream, it's like it fits the prescription of beauty profile I have replied. Ironically, I have not try this cream although I have used almost everything from the Clinelle brand esp. the compact powder with SPF protection.

It actually hydrates my dehydrated skin with the nice signature scent of Clinelle. It leaves a thin film of moisture layer on my skin, I feel protected under the air-conditioned environment(that's bad for the skin) at night. I only used this for night use and I would said it's not too rich for me and suitable for my sensitive skin also.

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  1. same! the first clinelle product i bought is their compact powder! i bought it after saw it won best compact powder in CLEO magazine years ago.

    1. too, love the compact powder very much and Cleo magazine is also my beauty inspiration guide for many years!