Tuesday, June 25, 2013

VanityTrove/Avene Beauty Workshop

VanityTrove/Avene Beauty Workshop at Cafe Barbera, Bangsar.
Avene brand is always my lucky star spray of hydration and protection esp. under the hot sun.
It's a treasure of 'More Than Just Water' came freshly pure and natural from France. 

The workshop begins with the history of Avene Thermal Spring Water, the production of
pure spring water been bottled directly from the source in France and the good results
of using Avene Spring Water based on a few skin problem testimonials. Informative facts.

The hands-on session is my favourite part of the workshop to try out every Avene products 
available here. Such a blissful and beautiful pampering session of beauty with Avene. 
To get up close with Avene, check out https://www.facebook.com/AveneMY?fref=ts

The soft mask that's fully soaked with Avene Thermal Spring Water.

Aaah, my Avene pampering moment with calm 'Zen' relaxation.
The goodies VT and Avene specially packed for everyone of us
based on our skin type, mine is Normal Skin. All of us, the bloggers
are happy with our personalised gifts that's safe for daily use 
home and convenient for travel kit as well. For more beauty tips, 
check out VanityTrove Malaysia at 

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