Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer Bumper 2013

Last Monday, I was kinda lazy due to the usual Monday blues with so many emails to follow-up but dear Chee Yin from CRES Wellness called me asking where am I? Haha…I told her I’m on my way which is lucky I really made the effort to go for their launch that day. She already emailed me since last May and last week, she actually reminded me to come for the launch again saying it’s been a year already we since last met at the opening in Puchong. And I was like, “Really? Time really flies ha. I’ll do my very best, thanks.”

I was too caught up with my own agendas, I didn’t know where’s the launch gonna be and old liao, kinda slow already. Haha…only on Sunday when I checked on my schedule for this week, only then I remembered the details of the  location I need to go. Now is July month already, still many blogs I have yet to complete for companies and my own business accounts to update for records. I don’t like seeing those backlog sitting on my desk for long as I always wanted my paperwork to be done by that night itself. 

When I was 21 years old working in SCB, I have 5 millions target each month to achieve with piles of paperwork to be filled up(hated this the most), but I make sure I finished it up every night by 8pm before I head for the best Nyonya food at Newtown, PJ State for my dinner. The next morning I would meet up my clients directly from home as to save my time to meet as many clients as possible. That’s how I achieved my 5-9 millions target a month. I make sure my plans worked for me to achieve what I want in life, not the other way round.

One of the top blogger in town approached me last 2 weeks and said, "I promised myself to thank you(Jacinta) personally when I meet you again for supporting my blog". I replied her, "You don't have to. Your blog is really good and it's very important that we should support each other." "Tq, Tq I really appreciates that. I read your blog too. You have your own style of writing your blog." I was so  surprised and said, "Oh really?" Haha...I only managed to laugh as I never really puts high priority for my blog initially. I let nature take its course.  

Haha...I guess the blogging world is getting smaller and smaller now. I told them recently I've missed out many events and many of the companies who send me their latest products introduction also I have yet to reply them esp.the new ones. Only by attending the old ones and some new ones that's convenient to my place already enough, still many blogs I've yet to complete. Sometimes I have that kinda weird mood to write a blog, see mood one.   

Just like Jeyie, a friend who got close to me during our Italy trip has been asking me to post up my Eastern Europe holiday pictures after I was back 2 weeks and I told her, "Haha...coming soon!" We rekindle back our great memories in Italy trip together with Carrie T and her family. I told her, "Yea, such lovely moments we had in Italy like a happy family. Money cannot buy in exchange of the unforgettable holiday we experienced together and we make great efforts to meet each other again, that's for sure!"

I even told her that her dad, who is a doctor came to my seat on Oman Air told both Rambo and I, "Wah Jacinta, I saw you sleeping comfortably like a baby. Good lah!" "Oh really?" Jeyie asked me as she didn't know that her dad came to the back and chat with us. I even told her that I really respect her dad who is a humble and nice friend to be with. He's a good father figure, a good husband and a good friend to talk with. 

And both Jeyie and Rambo totally agreed to that and we have never 'Bai Fun'(egoistic) to anyone in the group besides being helpful to each other in Italy. Good moral and good manners of good integrity values should be cultivated everyday among the family, friends or social networks. We value each other, we respect each other and we support each other in everything we ventured into. No jealousy, no competition and no comparison between anyone of us. That's why we are happy, it radiates from within. No need plastic surgery or fake personality to show that we're naturally happy, 'Sem siu chut lei' (the smiles comes naturally from the heart).

In Italy where the fashion capital revolves around the city with many of the Italians including both men and women wearing branded clothings and pretty makeups, Carrie T and I brought the Malaysian style of fashion to Italy. Carrie T has been asking her hubby Billy to take pictures for us at almost every pit stop as she said she wana take pictures with 'Leng Lui' but I told her, "This is your world my dear, you're the pretty girl here in your 20's. Young and full of life." I'm way too old for all the sweet pose she's able to pose and jump at every corner of Italy. Haha...I'm only able to hug, did the 'peace sign' and double pose with her only.

And everywhere we go, we never failed to take every chance to parade our fashion show(her hubby said that to us) because we're like the twins of loving pretty things and enjoy lovely things, only we both would understand that kinda sentiments. Besides that, we clicked and stayed close to each other almost all the time because she have a good personality I feel comfortable to be with.

She's not just good in doing her makeup but really into sharing her honest life with me truthfully. Whatever plans she have in mind, I fully support her dreams to achieve what she wants in life. To me, she's a lovely mom yet she knows how to enjoy her life the way it should be. That's life I said to her and I really like her as she's real enough. Only good personality can last to succeed in life and not the makeup definitely!