Sunday, June 23, 2013

VanityTrove/ 'Astalift, The Power of Red'

Here I am, I'm ready for 'Astalift, The Power of Red'. The day before I told Winnie
 when she invited me for this Astalift experience, I said "I'll do my best" because
I was afraid of the terrible traffic jam nowadays I may U-turn back home anytime.

After the skin analysis, we start on the cleansing ritual part with Astalift rejuvenating products that's rich
with Astaxanthin ingredients, powered by their proprietary technology from Japan.

The star product of Astalift - Jelly Aquarysta that's orange in colour, full of Astaxanthin ingredient. It's their
No.1 anti-ageing phenomenon in Japan, enhanced with nano-Lycopene and brimming with the world's smallest
skin nourishing ceramide particles for stronger defence against skin-damaging singlet oxygen and free radicals.
Inspired by skin cell research, our skin feels supple, moisturised and visibly youthful after using it. 

Shuet Yee is the lovely beauty consultant who did the mini facial for me and I
really love her magical touch on me esp. the point massage for better blood
circulation and penetration for skincare absorption. So relaxing and rejuvenating! 

The famous  Japanese lotion mask fully absorbed with whitening lotion(my choice)
that's not only cooling and soothing my skin plus the nice scent of Damask Rose,
esp.the Jelly Aquarysta that's working deeper into the dermis layer of skin, it actually
enhanced my skin glowing with healthy shine of youthful looking skin. I told her I can feel
it's working deep into my skin and she told me it's all because of the Jelly Aquarysta effect.

After the mask, Shuet Yee also applied Whitening Essence for me as I prefer whitening care to be my primary
concern during the day time. It's also in Orange colour instead of the normal white colour as it's also added
with Astaxanthin goodness. It smells good too.

The Astalift Light Analyzing Moisture Foundation, liquid type with SPF 25 PA+++.
I told them I wanted a light makeup, natural kinda look. I'm satisfied at the end result.

My hairstyle session after the makeup session. Again, I wanted the most simplest hairstyle look for my
makeover session. Jane, who did the skin analysis for me said I look 10 years younger compared to the
look I came before the facial and makeup. Haha...In my dreams, but I really enjoyed the pampering facial. 

Astalift is generous enough  with the goody bag prepared for us the 3 bloggers, the signature Astalift
Trial Kit worth RM160 plus the golden satin pouch bag. I was kinda surprised to receive the great gifts!

Every purchase of Astalift product worth RM150, you can try out the mini facial I shared as above. Try it,
you'll love it!

I'm really excited to try on the whole Astalift skincare experience, esp. the cute
Jelly Aquarysta before I can share it with you. Just give me 2 weeks to review it.

The new Astalift branch in BSC, Bangsar Shopping Centre Level 2. Love the overall Red decors and
its inviting showroom with a private room for facial pampering. To find out more about Astalift, check
out and  

It's been a long time I didn't go for free makeover or PWP makeover as I was kinda
lazy to go for all the pretty workshops. Mainly, focus my time for my dear Charmers
(3 gals performances and activities) every weekend. Haha...I was glad I really made it
this time for Astalift makeover, thanks to VanityTrove and Astalift for the wonderful,
beautiful experience. You both make me feel brand new again, young and happy
again that's for sure. For more beauty tips on VanityTrove Malaysia, check out

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