Sunday, June 16, 2013

HiShop June Beauty Box - Heaven On Earth Relax and Calm Body Massage Oil Review

Thanks to HiShop Malaysia, the online shopping paradise that offers many reputable brands of beauty care including this Heaven On Earth brand and I got the Body Massage Oil Blend inside the June mystery gifts. I almost missed out this opportunity for aromatherapy review, the love of my life pampering as I just came back from Europe, I put my iphone into a silent mode. And Mabel has tried calling me many times to confirm for this exclusive review of 5 selected bloggers but I don't read my emails when I was away for my holiday trip. 

Thank God I called her back when I woke up that evening and I quickly replied her on the selection of the body massage blend. I have chosen 'Relax and Calm' from the many types of aroma oils. The Absolutely Women was kinda tempting and the Immunity Booster was kinda interesting for trial but I finally chose this blend as I have no problem with my health issue and my woman hormone is balanced with total health wellness of monthly spa pampering and daily meditation.

I chose this 100% pure and natural oil blend, originated from Australia because I need to relax and calm my total well being during my daily meditation session at home. It's convenient to use where I can just pour it out on my body and massage it all over my neck and body with slow strokes of massages. Calming and soothing enough besides stimulating my smell sense to deep sleeping mood all at once. The oil blend can be oily at first, even after I massage it a few times on my skin but it's not sticky at all. I can still tolerate with it. 

It actually helps to promote sleep much more faster although I don't have any problem with my sleeping routine at Cinderella's time(12midnight). It's like a ~'silent night', holy night, all is calm, all is peaceful'~ the moment of deep relaxation for me, even I was so tempted to continue my TVB series but I just fell asleep after 5 minutes. In my opinion, I think it's suitable for those who have real stress body, mind after a hard day's job and for those who's into trying out aromatherapy for total rest, try this out for a good night sleep.

RM 89 (100ml)

The main ingredients of this aroma oil are Soya Bean and wheat germ carrier oils, Marjoram, Geranium Bourbon, Lavender, Chamomile Roman and other essential oils that smells relaxing enough for total rest and relaxation on my overall body, mind and soul. After a week's of pampering with this aromatherapy indulgent, I totally feel relaxed and calm as been promised by the brand tagline. Haha...such a peaceful and blissful pampering I'm looking for in aromatherapy treatment, everyday before I sleep. 

That's what I called 'Heaven On Earth', it's like getting ready for a good slumber night where money just can't buy this kinda peacefulness from within. It's a natural call, time to sleep and it happens to me. To get to know more on Heaven on Earth aroma oils, check it out from the ads on my blog at or HiShop Facebook page at


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    1. Sure Saira, will check it out when I'm free!