Sunday, June 30, 2013

VanityTrove/Decleor Aromatic Beauty Workshop

My name card for Decleor Aromatic Event, I may not like my drawing but I love
the Decleor skincare. Seeing the packaging already tempted me so much and I
really enjoy using it during the beauty workshop.

The benefits of Aromatherapy. Now you know why I love Aromatherapy so much, the benefits can really
rejuvenate and invigorate my overall senses to perfection. Although life is not perfect for anyone but I
always try to maximise the potential of using Aromatherapy everyday in fulfilling my life to total happiness
and wellness through daily meditation. It works for me, that's why I'm enjoying it for many years already.

This is the moment I'm always looking forward to explore, the brand Decleor special is the Aromatic Ritual,
with its signature aroma essential oil start before the skincare application.

It has been many years I've tried and using Decleor brand. I always love the brand
and its exclusive treatments, but this time doing it on my own cleansing part to the
massaging the new mask part also I enjoy the whole process of cultivating a whole
new approach to clean, moisturised and radiant skin with Decleor complete regime.

The foam cleanser they prepared for us for double cleansing after using the Cleansing milk that I love so much.
It's soft and nice to smell for cleaner, brighter skin. 

The new creamy Plumping Mask that's beneficial after massaging it for deep hydration and blood circulation. Nice!  

A mask where we need to apply it on, leave it to dry for awhile and massage it till
become oily texture then we can cleanse it with water. Ooh, I love this new mask!

Dana shows it to us the correct way to put on the Aromessence Neroli essential serum on 3 fingers for the
whole face application. You can put more if you want but for me, I think it's enough with the little precious oil.

Decelor brand is one of my favourite brand in skincare because it's simple yet I can achieve the result of
moisturised skin in the most simplest skincare regime with the Hydra Floral of 24 hours moisture cream. 
Decleor is also focusing Hydra Floral BB Creme with SPF 15 for UV protection.

Our satisfied, happy faces after completing the reviving Decleor aromatic ritual. 

The successful Decleor branding with its bright yellow+products display concept. So tempting to buy and try. 

The inviting treatment room with cozy ambience, that's sure to relax my facial/body treatment here. For more
infos on Decelor, you can check it out at 

The bloggers picture. Thanks to Dana who invited me for this VT/Decleor event. To
get uplose with VanityTrove Malaysia for beauty tips+workshops, you can check it
out at

The goodies prepared for us by Decleor, the signature skincare+treatment RM470.
Love it, will go all out for it and will continue on the Decleor journey for beautiful,
youthful skin. Beauty comes from within and it starts with the Aromessence Neroli.
Even by inhaling the exquisite aroma oil, it feels like you're in a trance of fantasy,
totally feeling rejuvenated, invigorated with the 100% pure elixir of lovely beauty.    


  1. Just realized that I'm sitting right next to you babe!!

    1. Haha...Hi babe, nice to meet you then.Stay happy!