Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Coconut Goodness

True, after a week's of fresh yummy Thai coconut juice my 'perut buncit kembali kempis'. No need to do sit up 100xs(lazy me), it's a natural slimming process for me and it's as easy as ABC, Do Re Mi! Yummy cold drink, I treat it as my daily herbal drink to cool my heaty body due to the hot weather in Malaysia and daily intake of high cholesterol food like Laksa, Nasi Lemak and Satay.

Just last month May, I complained to Rambo, my mom and sis that I got so fat now with the 'perut buncit' like I was 4 months pregnant. Many of my tights and pants I can't even wear and when I showed it to Rambo, he laughed at me. "Can U believe it?" But that's the truth and I told myself that I need to do something about it as it's getting bigger and uglier. If it's a real pregnancy is ok but it's not, all due to over-eating 'Wai Sik Queen' of me.

That day my friend EK called me asking me to join her to shop for smaller size pants, I told her I can't fit into my pants anymore as they're too tight for me, I don't like. It's either I need to exercise to slim down or I need to consume slimming drinks like her. But I don't want to consume slimming drinks and I was quite busy also no time for Badminton session, so I looked for other sources to cut down the fats immediately. I found this article, read Health Today mag and I try the Coconut goodness asap. 

I can't stop myself from eating a lot or indulging good food as I enjoy eating and eating keeps me happy. Just like last 2 weeks I was craving for the best satay in town and I kept asking my sis-inlaw Toto to look for me and she found that old place we used to go. Thank God, the peanut sauce is the best I have tried. 5 star hotels also kalah(lose) and it also have duck as their specialty besides the lamb, chicken and beef. Please forgive me chicken, bad bad me.

Toto also said the way I eat, she just can't figure it out how I stuffed them inside my petite body. "Haha...That's why I'm getting fat now, back to old days," I showed her my flabby arms and big tummy. I can't fit into my dress also sometimes esp. at the lower body part and so I told myself enough is enough. I need to do something about it and I decided to take coconut juice everyday for the past one week+my daily yoghurt fruit juice intake.

And when I applied the body gel yesterday I saw my big tummy has flatten down to no more big tummy. I want it to be totally flat like before and so I need another week to go for it. It's natural, safe and easy to maintain. I'm only enjoying my favourite drink of the day, everyday and naturally, it slims me down. Still, I need to exercise for better stamina and energy level so I hope to slot an hour for Badminton session this coming Sunday. I really need to keep fit for healthy body, mind and soul. There's no escape to that!


  1. I think fibre drinks can help too... i only drink coconut when it's too warm or when i'm having high fever. Next day sure feel better one :)

    1. Yea, I believe so. Coconut drink is tasty and beneficial in many ways! :)

  2. I love coconut oil! hmm, I wonder if you can use coconut oil for oil pulling! cuz that would be cool! I'm definitely giving your advice a try! thanks!<3

    p.s. I just followed you! please check out mine and follow too!:)

    1. Sure, check it out.Follow your blog already Tammy, cute blog!