Tuesday, October 15, 2013

CHOPARD Time Affair Moment

The Chopard time affair that's inspiring for me, I only need to pay 30% to book for the watch I wanted. 

Chopard brand is really a classy brand and professional in handling their customer service I must say. When Marc called me from Chopard Pavilion Boutique, Malaysia I told him "I'm kinda busy this September month and I'm not going to Pavilion for shopping this month." Even if I go, maybe my time is limited for that 2 hours dining at my favourite Thai restaurant then I would 'kap kap keok'(quickly rush) back home sweet home.

The latest design I have created for myself that cost RM134, 105, added price of diamonds around the watch. 

And so Marc told me that it's ok because he will send me a sms on my mobile with the full details of the sports watch I've designed for myself and I can drop by anytime when I'm free. "Sure, that will be great" I replied him. So happen that Saturday afternoon after the aesthetic treatment I did for Mediviron UOA Clinic, I went for a total relaxation of Jacuzzi Milk Bath then I remember I need to visit the Chopard boutique here in Pavilion.

The grand entrance of Chopard brand at Pavilion Boutique, Malaysia. Classy and sassy for sure.

When I went in that afternoon, only a malay couple inside and Marc welcomed me for a seat at their cozy, tidy setting of Chopard brand. From the sms he sent to me, he's able to track the record of the design that I have created for myself. I showed the sms to Rambo of my design and the cost of the watch worth RM44, 016 with Pink Satin Strap. It's the month of Pink, that's why I wana see the watch I have designed for myself.

Chopard alluring designs are always very tempting and sizzling my heart and soul.

Rambo did asked me when I told him about the price of the Chopard Watch Marc sms to me if I would buy it. I honestly told him that if the watch cost RM4000 I would have bought it at that price for Chopard brand. But now, we're talking about RM44, 016 here so I need to think about it and if I really, really like it then I let him know about it. He gave me the Platinum Credit Card to keep in case I wana get it, I took it of course.

The Chopard paperbag+books that have been haunting me that day with all their
signature designs. Haha...I only chant 'Amituofo' trying my best to forget that.  

Marc invited me to design a new Chopard Sports Watch from the Ipad and so I did. But this time, I designed it with a Rose Gold Strap that I'm always passionate about gold watches with the Green Lucky Clover, Pink Crystal and J letter Crystal inside the watch. That's their signature watch that they're proud of their distinctive and remarkable designs of Chopard brand. In fact, I love all their watches designs from the Fairytale Book to the Sports Watch Book given to me.

One of the Chopard Book I would keep to get me motivated. In future, I may need it
to excite me to buy it with one eye close not to concern too much on the dollar sign!

I showed it to Rambo all the stunning designs and he asked me to buy it, don't think much about it. But I told him that I prefer the RM134,105 new Sports design I have just created that day and so he asked why I didn't get it. I told him RM44, 016 also I need to think about it for long, dont' say it's RM134,105. With that amount of money, I can get an apartment nearby for rental that can earn me RM800 per month. I really need to think twice, as it's not that I need it now desperately so let's take some time to think about it. It won't run away, the brand will stay...Haha!

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