Sunday, October 13, 2013

Health History

Almost every month or so, I heard someone have cancer among our family members or friends. Be it the colon cancer(many of them), ear cancer and even our 12 years dog Byie Byie has just left us recently due to cancer also. It's really sad and frustrating but this is the reality of life. 'Birth, Old, Sick and Die', Buddhism has stated very clearly that we, human will go through it somewhere somehow, along the way.

Cancer cell is already existed in our body system so to prevent it from spreading, multiplying you need to have something strong to protect your cells from letting the cancer to attack your healthy cells. I wouldn't say by taking Cellfood you won't die or sick but to last a healthy life everyday without affecting our daily lives' routines, it's always worth to take it as your insurance protection. Cancer cells struggle to live under oxygen environment, they just can't live what to say multiplying more of it. 

Like I told everyone, I 'paling benci'(most hated) is the flu and cough attack that can take me forever to cure it, even after 6 cough bottles of doctor's prescription. But after taking Cellfood for the past few years, I have not cough or having any flu for the past 4 years already. And everytime I see my dear Charmers aged 6, 10 and 11 cough or having flu, I told them to take it and I make sure they're totally recovering from it. If not, I told them they cannot enjoy ice-cream or cold drinks until they're fully recovered from it. And so, they took it obediently before my eyes. 

Don't think flu or cough is just a minor sickness, it is actually one of the most contagious and infectious sickness that can easily attacked by other more serious illness or those seasonal infectious virus like H1N1. That's why when you're sick esp. comes with a flu that easily mixed with other bacteria/disease buddies, the airline staffs usually kept you aside, far far away from other passengers as it's too dangerous and hazardous for the others that might get infected by you. At times, they even won't let you get on the plane at all if they detected you have contracted the symptom of any infectious disease. 

So to lead a healthy life, 1st you need to have a healthy cell that comes in a form of own one by one cell system in your body. When I explained this to my long time buddy Thomas during our teh tarik time, I gotta use my hand gestures to show it to him step-by step plus a drawing of healthy cells on a piece of paper. Everybody there actually looking at us, kinda curious about our serious conversation. After the explanation of the basic science to him, he clapped his both hands and applaud "Bravo, Doctor". He's a joker, I told him I'm not a Dr. but I'm a survivor who's battling with sickness like any other human.  

Haha...I told him, "Don't play play, I have been telling you to take this Cellfood since two years ago when you've been complaining to me that you're having this serious Migraine. And I already explained to you that by taking Cellfood that can provide sufficient Oxygen to your cells that flow smoothly to the brain, you won't have this painful Migraine. Just go to their HQ, learn more scientific facts about it and take it everyday. Don't delay anymore or you're the one who suffers a lot, not me."

And so, he did and after 2 weeks, he message me telling me that he's getting better with less migraine. He will continue to take it for sure and he's very grateful now. I have another friend Gan who always discuss with me about his new girlfriend who had a heart disease problem. I told him besides taking the Cellfood everyday, heart disease is a very serious problem where she needs to go for a scan to check on her heart condition every now and then. Must control the diet esp. meals with no spicy food that can triggers her condition to worst and never let her stress too much.

Cellfood is a healthy supplement that provides sufficient nutrition that's needed in our body daily nutrients. Whatever food intake we're taking everyday, we may not have enough energy and nutrition that Cellfood can help us to deliver esp. the Oxygen. Unless you have an Oxygen tank that you're using everyday to inhale or producing your own Oxygen like the US Cellfood Proprietary Water-Splitting Technology that produced the Cellfood, bottled freshly from the source and sent to us directly from USA. Even China has joined the Cellfood family with their proven thousand years of medical history. Why not, if it's good for health!

I will share more stories about my family and friends that have benefiting from it and they're all still taking it for their healthy lifestyle to go on smoothly everyday. In the mean time, take your time to google about Cellfood at  to help yourself and others. I may not stand the soury, not tasty Cellfood but I'm still taking it everyday also for the philosophy I strongly believe. To be able to enjoy more memorable, meaningful life, staying healthy is the 1st key to be happy in life. C'est la vie, thats' life!  

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