Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mediviron UOA Clinic CRYOCELL Cold Electrophoresis Treatment

CRYOCELL Ice therapy is a cold electrophoresis technique which penetrates moisture into the skin to decrease the redness that occurs after laser surgery procedures and further aids in rapid skin regeneration. In addition to moisture penetration, vitamins or chemicals can be penetrated through the current without injections.

CRYOCELL’s cooling function effectively protects the skin from the current and reduces the absorption of the chemical into the blood vessels by constricting capillaries. I like cooling sensation that's why I took this treatment for a trial to check what is it all about.

Initially, I feel kinda tense up when Ina started the treatment for me as I can feel the intense vibration that's working deeply inside esp. on my cheek bone area. I told her I wanted the lowest rate as possible as I feel kinda uncomfortable. And so she adjust it to the lowest rate with slow and light vibration and I begin to feel safer a bit.

By freezing the skin surface, even strong currents will not cause skin burns which allows for 80~90% efficiency in chemical penetration compared to 5-10% in current equipment. This is a result of constricted blood vessels which allows for the chemical to remain in the treated area. 

From one stage by completing the right side of my face 1st, then she started to do on the left side by applying the skin rejuvenation ampoule all over my face with the cooling machine massaging my face. I begin to feel the cooling sensation that is soothing my face, feel more relaxed a bit. Thank God it's not painful but I'm not used to the strong vibration that I can feel it's working deep into my skin. It ends after 20 minutes and Farah assured me that I can see the result in 2 days time. 

The treatment is to provide highly efficient penetration of vitamins and various chemicals, Strong skin calming effect, Wrinkle reduce and lifting effect, Effective in treating Erythema and Edema, Skin relaxation and lightening, Reduces redness and swelling while relaxing skin after laser procedures or skin peeling, Used for penetrate chemicals for acne-prone and sensitive skin, Effective for treating rosacea due to blood vessel constriction and No procedural pain or side effects of CRYOCELL treatment.

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