Wednesday, October 23, 2013

SaSa Shape Up Challenge

I joined this SaSa Shape Up Challenge because I love using Italian Collistar bodycare products for many years
already. This is my 1st blog about Cellulite and my love expression for Collistar brand for many years, check it
 out at

When Wendy knew that I'm part of the participants of this shape up challenge, she asked why would I join
since I was slim but I explained to her that I'm joining this to keep fit and healthy for a better lifestyle. I tend
to eat a lot nowadays and once I start, I just can't stop as I'm a 'Wai Sik Queen' since I was young till today.
Just last night, my sis Toto brought me to one of the best food in town at Sg Buloh. I ate so much, non-stop
 like a pig.Haha...just in the afternoon she said that I look slim but then at night, back to full plump up again.

This Yoga session by Celebrity Fitness really stretch my whole body to slender
and slimmer body from inside out. I don't feel pain at all unlike the usual Badminton
session, my whole body would be aching from inside out. fact, I enjoy my
deep sleep till the next day, I feel totally energetic and empower with new energy level
that I'm looking for now at age 37. It's one of the best exercise ever besides my usual
swimming, playing Badminton. Yoga really works for me to keep me youthful for sure. 

I entered this challenge at the 1st place to keep fit and healthy inside out, definitely not for the grand prize to
fly to Italy as I've just been there early this year of 2013. Paying RM150 is totally worth for the total happiness
I can gain with knowledge I've learnt that day about diet, healthy lifestyle from the monthly workshop, Collistar
products(full size of course) that I love using for many years and keeping myself updated with daily exercise. 

This 3 nice green Collistar are my favourite products I'm looking forward to use daily
from am to pm use because not only it gives me a morning boost of refreshing scent
smells of beauty, it also gives me the confidence to achieve the desired shape I want
and eliminating the cellulite of Stage 2 for slender and slimmer body in time to come.
Wait for my product review from Nov to Jan 2014 as the challenge is still on till 2014.

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