Friday, October 25, 2013

SaSa Cosmeceutical Fair 2013

SaSa is proud to present a massive collection of cosmeceutical brands via a special platform, that is the largest Cosmeceutical Fair from October 23rd to 27th 2013 at LG Oval, 1 Utama Shopping Centre New Wing.  

The revolution of cosmeceutical skincare line has significantly set a searing beauty trend across Korea, Japan and searing its arrival on Malaysia shores during these recent years. 

Premiering the 10 exclusive international cosmeceutical participating brands are America: GoodSkin Labs, Skin Peptoxyl, b.liv, Australia:Skin Doctors, Korea : BRTC, Dr.G, Dr.Jart, Dr.Young and Taiwan : Dr. Wu and Neogence. 

Definitively, cosmeceutical brings forth the new wave to the skincare landscape because it marks the marriage between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The birth of cosmeceutical skincare provides consumers with value for money products based on professional medical theories and clinical experiments without any medical concern.

The cosmeceutical skincare trend has been growing steadily among Asean countries, indicating a marked consumer’s preference upon dermatologically tested skincare products.

The active ingredients influence the biological function of the skin and have proven to provide significant improvement to the skin appearance within a minimum time period after usage. 

In addition, cosmeceutical skincare products possess low irritation level in order to ensure the safety and stability upon usage for all skin types, especially sensitive skin user. With a huge array of products being categorized in our portfolio, the key skin concerns will be addressed via the latest revolutionary skin transformation diagnosis, whereby we will aim to meet the market needs, addressing the concerns, doubts and any other skin-beauty related queries.

The topic of coverage includes Anti-Aging, Whitening like the picture above Dr.Wu Clinical Skincare, Hydrating, Blemish Care, Pore Care, Soothing and Special Treatment. Featuring an exclusive array of 10 international well-known cosmeceutical brands from America, Australia, Korea and Taiwan.   

Premiering the 10 exclusive international cosmeceutical participating brands are America:GoodSkin Labs, Skin Peptoxyl, b.liv, Australia:Skin Doctors, Korea : BRTC, Dr.G, Dr.Jart, Dr.Young and Taiwan : Dr. Wu, Neogence.

During this special event, SaSa will offer the following exclusive promotions as tokens to reward their customers with very special promotions like;
 RM20 voucher will be given for every RM100 spent.
 Lucky Dip with prizes worth up to RM138 for every RM150 spent.

 A thorough skin diagnosis using a revolutionary skin analysis machine from USA, paired with our expert beauty consultants will be given to our consumers whenever they spend RM200 per transaction.
 A speedy facial treatment with 4 types of treatments will be available for easy selection whenever they spend RM300 during this special fair.

Apart from these attractive offers, specialized skincare talks will be held during the weekend to walk consumers through the trends and benefits of cosmeceutical skincare, especially the brands under Sa Sa.


Beauty Talk
26th October 2013, 2.30pm
Beauty Blogger Josheen Ma Skincare Sharing
26th October 2013, 4.00pm
Skin Doctors: Time Freeze, Stop your skin from aging.
27th October 2013, 2.30pm
Neogence: Hydration, Key Solution to all skin problems.

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