Sunday, October 13, 2013

IMEDEEN Blogger 3 Months Program

RM188 per box with 60 tablets, 2 tablets a day for a month consumption.

IMEDEEN ClassicTM is the original skin perfecting formula featuring the exclusive Biomarine Complex working to nourish and improve skin from within. Taking just two tablets a day enhances skin quality and optimizes moisture levels in 12 weeks. Although I did set my alarm reminder to keep track of my daily Imedeen intake, but sometime I still have a tendency to miss it somewhere, somehow along the 3 months period. Haha...that's life, it happens all the time. 

Understanding your skin and how best to care for it is mainly a matter of identifying what affects your skin every day, both from the outside and from the inside. When you know this, you can begin to care for your skin optimally and have a positive influence on the way it looks over time, making sure it stays healthy and naturally beautiful, regardless of any age and any stage in life.

Before I start on the Imedeen Program, my skin is kinda plump a bit.

The best skincare addresses your skin on two levels – on the outside and on the inside. The outside should be cared for with good cleanser and moisturiser – and the inside needs nourishment to strengthen the dermal foundation - the collagen, elastin and moisture-retaining elements, which combine to keep your skin supple and resilient.

During the 1st month Imedeen intake, my body tend to react fast with hot, heaty body that not only pushing me to take the cold bath even with high aircond on in my room. I feel so hot, 'Fatt Yit Hei'(heaty body) until I need to boil new home made herbal tea almost every week after finishing it. From Chrysanthemum Herbal Tea one week to 'Luo Hon Guo'(Arhat Fruit) or Lemongrass Ginger Tea to soothe, calm and cool my hot burning body. 

Going through a thorough skin analysis with the latest technology in beauty. 

Hot, heaty body that I can see pimples come out popping, visiting my face or nose area which normally never really happen to me. But thank God, my body start to get immune with the Imedeen intake after the second month intake, kinda balance and back to normal self again where I don't feel the hot flushing feeling anymore. And no more pimples coming out and even if I do, I will still keep on taking it as I know it's the reaction of taking Imedeen that will eventually improve my skin to perfection. 

I have been taking IMEDEEN® for 3 months, I’m enjoying the pleasure of firmer, suppler and moisturised skin. The last time I went for my skin analysis at one of the beauty event, the Executive staff told me that my deep skin inside revealed that my skin is firm with high elasticity strength, aged 33 years old. And the 1st week of October month I went for another skin analysis done, the beautician asked me how I've been able to maintain a smooth neck without any deep wrinkle besides the firm, lifted up skin as she can't believe that I'm 37 years old.

After 3 months program, my skin is more lifted up with V-shaped face.

I told her that I'm on Imedeen 3 months Program that strike out the elasticity  strength to shoot up to 98% result, only 2 marks for the 100% perfect skin. I believe Imedeen works to lift up my skin to firmer, hydrated skin as from the recent pictures on my FB Autumn Rhythm Album, I can see the obvious, lifted up skin of 2 apple cheeks on both side of my face(usually my left side of face is kinda sagging) and a V-shaped face. 

No need for any Botox treatment, I told Joan when we're discussing on the aesthetic treatment that I intend to review for their clinic. To get up close with Imedeen on where or how to start the simple daily routine for anti-ageing benefits, check out 

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