Saturday, October 5, 2013

SaSa/NUXE Anti-Aging Affair Event

Thank God I made it today for this astonishing anti-aging affair with Nuxe brand
by SaSa. I enjoyed the overall knowledge on the latest skincare updates and at
the same time, I was awaken by the rejuvenating scent of floral skincare by Nuxe.

Ryan Lau, Nuxe Regional Education Manager who actually shares the Nuxe's
floral expertise skincare with passion. I like his presentation, keeping us awake
experiencing the natural way to keep our skin looking youthful and beautiful.

One of the many type of serum trial we tried, all of of it smell so refreshingly invigorating. All at once
brighten up my day with perfect smell sense. One of the reason why I love Nuxe brand so much.

I have tried the Nuxe Eye and Lip Global Cream on my cracked, dried lip and
it turned out to be perfectly fine and smooth. Another great product I like now.

The star product of today's Anti-Aging Affair is this Nuxe Nuxellence Jeunesse!
To get up close with Nuxe Malaysia, check out their Facebook page at

The Nuxe brand counter available at SaSa Bangsar Shopping Centre, look
relaxing and rejuvenating with all the skincare range lining up for grabs.

Nuxuriance skincare range that's attractive with its green packaging immediately blown me away with this
range so much.After trying this range that re-plump, redensify and enhance radiance from Araucaria seeds,
Maca root and Bakau plant cells, I totally fell in love with this range. I have started to use this Nuxe brand
yesterday, will share more indepth of the whole range I enjoy using now in my coming blog 

This is another luxurious pre-serum that I'm gonna review soon so stay tuned.
Not only it radiates my skin all at once, it also hydrates my skin immediately.     

This Merveillance - Correct Visible Expression Lines range is amazingly filling in,
smooth and re-plump skin by increasing the collagen levels with its active rare
plant ingredients. I'm so in love with the floral scents that relaxing me last night.

Nirvanesque - Correct First Expression Lines range is the last but not least skincare range that I totally fell
in love with its delicate, pleasing strong scent of pretty flowers. The moment I open the bottle I can smell
it liao, so lovely smell that stimulating my smell sense to perfection. Aah, feeling blissful just like heaven. 
Not to be missed the perfect picture with Ryan from Hongkong and Nuxe management Aini before we end the
Blogger Affair that afternoon. Glad that I make the effort to attend this meaningful event as I love Nuxe brand
very much since I 1st bought it from Hongkong during my shopping holiday last year in June.

The wonderful gifts from Nuxe brand and SaSa that attract many good responses
from my Facebook. Just be patient for my review of the Nuxe whole range products.
Nuxe brand is available exclusively at SaSa Malaysia and for more infos, check out


  1. HUHU not bad, they give full size products to bloggers :)
    Hope u will visit my blog back :)

    1. Yea, a great event by SaSa and Nuxe brand. Will check it out when I'm free!