Sunday, October 6, 2013

Guardian Zen Natural Essential Oil Tea Tree Bath Gel

So happen that day I passed by this Guardian Warehouse Sale at Subang Parade
so I bought this calming green bath gel at RM5. Anthing that's green and smells
good I would definitely try.

After trying out this reviving scent full of Tea Tree goodness that morning,
not only I wanted more I really took a long bath that day because of the
lovely smell of natural essential oil of Tea Tree. It moisturise my skin to soft
touch and my body look perfectly fresh and bright-looking skin. I got so
addicted to the nice scent I went to 'lap fo' for more stocks but all sold out
so I bought the shampoo, conditioner(RM5) and bigger bottle of bath gel
 cost RM8. Will review that both soon, go grab it if you like it while stock last!

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